Four fashionable hairstyles for glasses girl

u003cbru003eMany girls feel that glasses affect their beauty and are not compatible with fashion. In fact, many celebrities and fashionistas love to rely on glasses to change their appearance and fashion! It’s just that the glasses need to be matched with the hairstyle to wear a fashionable style. Let’s take a look at the four fashionable hairstyles of the glasses girl! 1. Cute round Rim glasses can be said to be sweet and lovely. If you want to match the right hairstyle, choose a towering ball head, which can show a refreshing and charming temperament. Then put on the round frame glasses, and the playful feeling instantly bursts. 703 titanium plate Y01 deep tortoiseshell myopia full-frame round frame trendy glasses hair tie steps: first tie the hair into a towering ponytail, then twist the ponytail into a two-strand braid; then twist it into a ball head and fix it with a hairpin; then spray it on The bangs can be fixed with water. 2. Sexy women with long curly hair are sexy and want to add a more mature temperament, then choose a pair of cat-eye-shaped glasses, which will give you a dull and charming temperament, and then wear a straw hat, sexy and fashionable , Full of femininity. Du0026G DG3246-F Women’s Glasses Frame 3021 Black Hair Tie Steps: Flick the bangs on the forehead and spray with styling water, then use a hair dryer to blow the bangs to the left; then curl the right hair with a curling iron; then curl the hair Just blow it up and fluffy. 3. Xiaoqing’s new braided hair is fresh and fresh. If you want to be fresh and refined, braid the long curly hair into a fluffy braid and put it on the side, then wear a pair of frame glasses that suit you, swing it on the left shoulder, and the fluffy curly hair appears small. Fresh temperament. Ray-Ban 70465486 transparent frame purple legs trendy TR90 frame hair tie steps: step1: pull the long hair to the left and braid it into a fluffy three-strand braid, and then flick the hair on the top of the head to make it fluffy; take out the curling iron to make the forehead bang Hot rolls, just a little care. 4. Elegant centered bangs with leopard print frames are very elegant and dignified, and then twist the long hair into a random bun, full of book fragrance. Ferragamo SF2744RA Unisex Glasses Frame 214 Tortoiseshell Hair Tie Steps: Tie the hair into a ponytail and twist it into a bun, then grab the hair on the top of the head to get a fluffy feel. Related reading: glasses style ladies glasses
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