Four main points to identify a good pair of color changing glasses

u003cbru003e1. see it clearly. Satisfy the basic vision correction function, that is, solve the 'clear' vision problem. Common products are spherical, aspherical, double aspherical, bifocal, progressive multifocal ordinary optical resin or glass lens. 2. health and safety. A good lens should effectively prevent harmful light, protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, harmful blue light, etc., and have a certain impact resistance to protect the eyes from external attack damage. According to investigations, more than 50% of lenses on the market cannot effectively prevent harmful light or only have some functions. Customers should pay special attention when buying. 3. Comfortable and convenient. To make glasses comfortable to wear, in addition to accurate refraction glasses and lenses with anti-glare and anti-glare functions, it is also necessary to improve the color contrast and the contrast between light and dark. The color-changing lens can automatically adjust the light transmittance according to the intensity of the light, so that the eyes are always in a good light state, and the comfort is greatly improved. In addition, the color-changing lens solves the trouble that sunglasses cannot be worn indoors, and the glasses must be replaced frequently when entering and leaving the room. A pair of color-changing lenses does not need to be replaced indoors and outdoors, bringing convenience to life. 4. Fashionable personality. With the improvement of people's consumption and living standards, wearing glasses is no longer limited to vision correction. On the basis of ensuring comfort, convenience, safety, and health, it should satisfy people's pursuit of beauty and fashion. The true color lens provides multiple options such as tea, gray, powder, purple, blue, etc., avoiding the monotonous colors of white, tea, and gray in the market, enriching the 'view' and satisfying people Individual needs. Related Reading: Sunglasses Color-changing Glasses
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