Four methods to teach you to distinguish true and false solar polarizers

u003cbru003eStrong ultraviolet rays are the invisible killer of human beings. Polarized lenses are created for this purpose. The blocking rate of ultraviolet rays is 99%, while the blocking rate of ordinary dyed lenses is quite low. The solar polarizer filters out glare, scattered light, and refracted light, only absorbs the reflected light of the object itself, and truly presents what you see, allowing the driver to improve vision, reduce fatigue, increase color saturation, and make the vision clearer. The effect of seductive and eye protection. With the development and expansion of polarizers, there have been many shoddy goods on the market: bad businesses use ordinary sunglasses as polarized sunglasses. How to distinguish the true and false polarizer? Here are four methods for everyone to use. Recommended reading: Wearing sunglasses and the light will dazzle the eyes? Let’s take a look at the difference between polarized lenses and ordinary sunglasses. 1. The experimental identification method finds a liquid crystal display, and the glasses are horizontally facing the screen. At this time, the lens does not change, and then the glasses go straight up When the hour hand rotates to an angle of 45°, you can see that the color of the lens becomes darker, and then it returns to normal. This is a polarized lens. If there is no change no matter how you rotate it, it is not a polarizer. (Note that it must be the LCD screen) 2. Cross-identification method Find a pair of genuine polarized sunglasses, and then place your sunglasses and regular polarized sunglasses crosswise. At this time, the object should be clearly seen from the cross section with your eyes. Then cross the glasses horizontally and vertically, and you should not see the opposite object from the intersection. 3. Tool test method The important distinction between the good and the bad of the polarizer lies in whether it has passed the identification of UV400. Find an ultraviolet currency detector lamp, one hundred yuan. Directly illuminate the currency detector lamp on the renminbi through the sunglasses. If you can see the 100 yuan ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting lens, it is not a polarized lens, because the lens with UV400 function can completely block the ultraviolet rays, and no anti-counterfeiting can be seen. Fourth, the mobile phone detection method The above three methods may require more difficult to obtain tools to assist verification, and this mobile phone detection method can be easily solved as long as we use our mobile phone: First, select a colored picture from the mobile phone, open it Freeze the frame, align the lens of the sunglasses with the screen of the mobile phone and slowly rotate, and look at the screen of the mobile phone through the lens. If the sunglasses are polarized lenses, you will find that the screen of the mobile phone is flickering. If it is ordinary sunglasses, there will be no light and shadow changes. A mobile phone allows you to easily distinguish between true and false solar polarizers. Come and give it a try. Related Reading: Polarizer Polarized Sunglasses
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