Four Misunderstandings of Driving with Sunglasses

u003cbru003ePeople who drive have had this feeling that they always need to use shading plates or sunglasses to block the harsh sunlight. ? Now the editor will introduce to you how to choose sunglasses when driving is conducive to driving safety and avoid entering the four major misunderstandings of wearing sunglasses when driving. Misunderstanding 1: The darker the color, the better. Many people believe that the darker the color, the better the UV protection function. In fact, the function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coated film, and the darker the better. Especially for long-distance drivers, if they wear sunglasses that are too dark, their eyes are more prone to fatigue, and it is more dangerous to enter tunnels and other places with sudden darkness under strong sunlight. Misunderstanding 2: Polarized lens comfort glare will make the eyes uncomfortable and fatigue, and affect the clarity of vision, so many drivers feel comfortable wearing polarized lenses. The editor reminds everyone that polarized lenses are more suitable for fishing, skiing or water sports, and you must choose good quality optical lenses. YC9709 Women’s Sunglasses C4 Tortoiseshell/Lens Gray Misunderstanding 3: Drivers who don’t wear myopia and suffer from slight myopia do not feel any problems driving during the day, but once they wear sunglasses, they will feel blurred, so they will drive at night. Vision will be affected the same. Therefore, drivers with slight myopia usually have no problem driving. If they want to wear sunglasses, they must be equipped with myopia lenses. Misunderstanding 4: Colorful sunglasses in pursuit of fashion. Many beautiful colors of sunglasses are no problem to wear while playing, but they are not suitable for driving. If you must wear them, gray lenses are better. Other colors of sunglasses will change the color and spectrum, so they are not suitable for driving. Related Reading: Driver Sunglasses Sunglasses
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