Frames u0026 Sunglasses: A must-have item for Korean stars to go out

u003cbru003eKorean Wave has always been a fashion vane, and many people like to learn from Korean celebrities in their dresses. One conclusion can be drawn from the Korean celebrities who are out of the country today. Whether it is pretending to be cool, or not waking up in the morning, in order to block the sleepy eyes, glasses are an amazing item! Ren Shiwan's golden silk Gold-rimmed glasses frames are no longer synonymous with 'nerds'. Now many people also like to use gold-rimmed glasses frames as decoration, because the retro trend is also pursued by many trendy men and women. Ren Shiwan wore gold-rimmed spectacles frames full of bookishness, which played a very good decorative role. Glasses frame recommendation: CK CK7122 Unisex glasses frame 210 bronze Ailee's cool reflective large sunglasses Ailee wears two major elements today: retro round frame and trendy reflective elements. The two blend together, showing the difference The same effect. Round-frame sunglasses are not too picky, and they can become foreign in a second. But when choosing round-frame sunglasses, in addition to the size of the lens, special attention should be paid to the color of the frame. Not only choose the one that suits your skin tone, but also choose a frame that matches your daily dress style. The glasses frames u0026 sunglasses of BTS didn't seem to wake up early in the morning, and each of them took out their magic weapons to cover their tired faces. Kim Tae-hyung wears a mask, plus a casual half-frame glasses, which conceals the fact that he hasn't woken up. Hahaha~ Of course, a handsome rapper like Kim Nam-joon must choose handsome items to match it, simple dress , Black hat, black sunglasses, simplicity is king. Recommended Sunglasses: YC3029 Unisex Sunglasses C1 Black/Lens Gray Related Reading: Pure Titanium Frame for Myopia Glasses
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