Glasses design must be ingenious

u003cbru003eNowadays, every product pays attention to a 'outstandingThe design of the glasses is the same. It’s easier to impress people with some special features~ Shwood's new 'Sea' glasses series adheres to the concept of ingenuity. The series uses real sea shells as the frame, combined with high-pressure resin and its own polishing process. Three styles of Canby, Bailey and Mckenzie. The new Calvin Klein platinum eyewear collection for men and women is full of fashion, simplicity and sensuality. The series uses a variety of high-quality materials and unique designs, with noble and charming colors, showing the unique personality of the brand. The Michael Kors 2016 spring and summer series achieves a perfect balance between timeless classic charm and modern avant-garde style. Each of the new series is a perfect combination of exquisite craftsmanship and custom-designed materials, embellished with brand-specific decorative details, such as the brilliant Michael Kors logo or charming embossed pendants. The German boutique handmade eyewear brand MYKITA has captured countless people around the world who pay attention to design and quality with its unbelievable product design, sophisticated craftsmanship and high-tech material development. In the spring and summer of 2016, MYKITA once again launched a new SHADES series, which interprets the sophisticated settings of two forms with a pair of glasses, interpreting how modern hipsters can enjoy the 'Metamorphosis' life. The above is the compilation and editing of the editor. For more glasses knowledge, please go to view. Website: In addition, there are a variety of spectacle lenses to choose from, with high quality and low price! Related reading: Men's Sunglasses Seiko Spectacle Frame
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