Glasses for 'veteran cadres' are back in vogue again? Is it a nerd to have a fashionable future?


When it comes to nerds, do you think of the female version of 'The Big Bang Theory' Xie Er: Amy, but it's not just that. Remember Anne Hathaway’s classic style in the movie 'One Day'-thin round glasses, have you ever touched you at once? Once upon a time, framed glasses are elements that have always been nerdy-like in the past, since this style of glasses After being shown on the Gucci show, the undiscovered beauty was also noticed again. This year dominated the show, street shooting, pictorial, the main retro style ~ nerds also want to play small and fresh, following the 2015 GUCCI conference to the spring and summer of 2016, the T-stage frame glasses intensified. The beret, round-frame glasses, bow tie...a series of elements mix and match, creating a very retro and charming Look, which seems to be grotesque, but is the image of the rigid glasses girl in your impression completely subverted? Looking at the slim and fashionable supermodels, they all become nerds after wearing thin-rimmed glasses. Set off by retro prints and ties, there is a kind of voluptuous sexiness. Remember, wearing this kind of glasses must be accompanied by sluggish little eyes. This ugly and dull accessory has become a trendy item for fashionable people. It girls also began to wander around various occasions wearing glasses unscrupulously. This is Xiao S’s first appearance in Fashion Week. Although others have complained about it as a country teacher, as a novice, at least others have gotten the trend of this year! Shu Qi has always been a sexy goddess, but she will also wear glasses and show Kendall. Jenner is a trendy girl who wears geek glasses thoroughly. Look at her INS and street photo Dakota Johnson, black casual western-fit jeans, walking the dog, and red plaid shirt with a fashionable finishing touch on the waist. Everyone feels the beauty of conflict between geek and chic? So if you still think that nerds are not fashionable, you can only say that you are out! This year, how can you not try geek-chic style and be a fashionable nerd? Related reading :Fashion glasses frame fashion sunglasses
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