Glasses in the men's gang, fashion in the women's gang

u003cbru003eThe new drama 'The Gang of Men' uses scarves and glasses to conquer the world. The actors and actresses in the drama wear scarves and glasses. If you can watch episodes and imitate episodes, maybe this winter You can join the men's fashion trend series. It is worth mentioning that Sun Honglei, the protagonist in the play, probably changed 18 to 22 pairs of glasses. Sun Honglei was claimed to be a big gain in the filming and learned countless ways to wear a scarf. After reading the Men’s Gang, I learned about the fashion and trend of the 2012 scarf and frame mix, and realized the difference between the ruffian and the yuppie? There is nothing wrong with art. So what can quickly make you look elegant and artistic? Of course it is a scarf and glasses. Glasses allow us to look at life with one thing apart, which can make people calm down; the fortress of the scarf can make you feel safe at any time. Just like Sun Honglei’s words in the play, “If these barriers are removed, our lives may be better.” Then, in fact, after the plot was broadcast, more people put the barriers on them, perhaps because Wearing these barriers, we will be more beautiful and attractive in appearance.
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