How about a long skirt with sunglasses?

u003cbru003eIt's about to be the weather with long legs. Girls must really want to wear flowing long skirts and walk on the streets~ But some people have different ideas. I want to be cool in summer. What to do? It’s okay, the two can actually coexist! Wearing a long skirt and a pair of sunglasses can make you 'cool and cool'! The big red skirt is bright and conspicuous, and walking on the road will definitely win you Lots of eyeballs. The blue retro round sunglasses and the big red skirt form a color contrast, but at the same time it echoes the pattern on the skirt. Ray-Ban RB4242 unisex glasses frame 6201/13 large brown reflective sunglasses are definitely a good choice for girls with big faces. The model's face in the picture is already relatively small. Wearing sunglasses can almost cover most of the face! Reflective is another handsome The elements, with a pink dress can be said to be both handsome and ladylike. The cat-eye sunglasses reveal the feminine and enchanting beauty of women. They are all white and decorated with golden necklaces around their necks. A clutch bag with the same color as the sunglasses is added. The overall look is very successful and feminine. In short, it is expensive. And atmosphere! The classic black square sunglasses can be matched with anything, and there will be no outdated worries. A blue dress shows the temperament, the tight top highlights the figure, and the flowing long skirt can cover the lack of legs. It's a very good outfit for travel. Ray-Ban RB4187F black frame purple film TR90 metal fashion high-end large size ladies sunglasses The above information is compiled and edited by the editor. For more glasses knowledge, please check. Related reading: sunglasses clip
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