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Since its establishment in 1906, Montblanc has always been adhering to the spirit of pioneering and innovation, advocating the values u200bu200bof excellence, meticulous work and innovation. Just after the New Year, Montblanc, in order to quickly occupy the market of fashion trends, also quickly launched 2018 new fashion sunglasses, which perfectly embodies Montblanc's development in handicrafts, as well as the principle of combining function and design, excellent quality and fashion. A major feature of the glasses series is the impeccable craftsmanship, which fully demonstrates the high quality and elegance. Montblanc's new sunglasses and optical glasses have clean lines and rely on the fusion of innovative technology, contemporary design and aesthetic functions. The overall lightness and exquisiteness of the glasses, the seamless inlaid details on the frame, and the materials made in Italy create a stylish and elegant character. There are not only young and avant-garde eyewear items, but also classic evergreen styles that inspire retro inspiration. The original tones (such as blue) used on the details and innovative reflective lenses make the new glasses more interesting and contemporary. The slim or thick frame design refers to the characteristics of different writing instrument styles. Special hinges are added to ensure that the temples are smooth and unobstructed during folding and unfolding, and the whole frame is lighter. Recommended reading: Introduction to Montblanc brand glasses. The handmade 'extreme leather' certified by Montblanc has a special aesthetic, and feels comfortable, reminiscent of carbon fiber. This material is also waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fire-resistant. Some products in this series of sunglasses use the highly respected and renowned Barberini glass lenses, which increase the overall visual comfort. Other products use the latest generation of special polarized lenses, whose functions are to improve vision, reduce reflection, and protect eyes from ultraviolet rays. The last sunglasses in the series highlight the shape of the 70s. The influential finishing is perfectly inspired by TimeWalker-a new professional watch series. It is a tribute to performance and innovation. Its design is inspired by the brilliance of motor sports. years. The Montblanc series of glasses has always followed the pace of the times, adapting to a modern lifestyle consistent with the eternal charm of tradition. Related reading: Montblanc new sunglasses
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