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u003cbru003eOakley is a brand that mainly produces sports sunglasses. Its technology must meet the needs of people with many different sports. Because of this, Oakley sunglasses have their own patented technology on the frame and lens; and according to According to different practical needs, Oakley sunglasses are divided into life leisure series and professional sports series sunglasses. Then let us know how Oakley sunglasses are through these two series of Oakley sunglasses. Oakley Life Leisure Series Sunglasses: 1. Life and Leisure Waves Series Sunglasses Oakley Waves Series Sunglasses incorporate the smooth and clean edge of the surfboard into the frame design of the glasses, and are equipped with classic round casual lenses, and the temples are equipped with embossed design , With an 'O' icon symbolizing the brand on the side, presenting simple and clean lines. O Matter® memory plastic material is strong and flexible, so that the frame can better fit the wearer's face. In terms of lenses, the wave series sunglasses continue to use Oakley's professional sports lens technology. The Plutonite UV protective lens material itself can filter 99% of various ultraviolet rays and harmful blue light. Wearers will no longer have to worry about losing their eyesight protection due to the wear of the coating. While ensuring fashionable styling, it also provides better vision protection for the wearer. 2. Life and leisure lock series sunglasses Oakley lock series sunglasses are inspired by the active street sports lifestyle of skateboarders. The glasses have a designed locking structure inside the frame, which can make the sunglasses fast and safer to be fixed on the collar and pocket of the jacket to prevent the glasses from slipping off the neckline. Combine the popular round mirror frame with sports functions into the design. The lock series sunglasses are suitable for wearing in any sports and leisure activities. In addition to stylish round lenses, the latest Latch lock series also includes square lenses to choose from. It gives more style choices to young people who love street sports and an active lifestyle. Oakley Professional Sports Series Sunglasses: 1. EVZero Path Zero Series Sunglasses for Professional Sports During the 2016 spring and summer sports season, Oakley launched new ultra-light and high-performance sunglasses for sports enthusiasts: EVZero Path Zero Series and EVZero Range Zero— Extra large version. This series subversively replaces the traditional frame with a frameless toric protection design, and creates a broad field of view. Every detail contributes to the achievement of better sports performance. The brand-new EVZero Path zero series, the main color selection uses the nebula full of cosmic mystery, with brilliant red coated lenses, and advocates the attitude of 'advocating speed' from the design. Relying on powerful high-tech lens making technology, Oakley brings to sports enthusiasts the very lightweight 'rimless' sports glasses in history, which not only optimizes the performance of the glasses itself, but also once again maxed out the appearance of professional sports glasses. . The EVZero Range Zero-Large Edition enlarges the field of view of the lens in terms of the technical performance and design concept of the EVZero Zero series, giving the wearer a wider upper peripheral field of vision, and effectively avoiding visual blind spots during exercise. At the same time, Oakley's unique anti-impact technology avoids impact damage during sports. The zero series super large version can be worn in various sports scenes, and the particularly broad field of view is also especially suitable for cycling enthusiasts. Recommended reading: Who wears Oakley sunglasses? 2. The new 2016 spring PRIZM professional sports series In spring 2016, Oakley launched a new spring sports color series equipped with PRIZM lenses based on the classic best-selling professional sports frame. . After 15 years of painstaking research and development, and through extensive chromatic and biological research on the human eye, Oakley has launched an epoch-making lens technology-Spectrum Lens Technology. It clearly displays the environmental details of various specific sports environments such as roads, mountains, golf, water, skiing, etc. through precise adjustment of colors, and presents the colors of objects more realistically with sophisticated visual contrast, and achieves clear outlines and textures. Insight. PRIZM allows you to see more clearly, react more quickly and perform better during exercise. In 2016, PRIZM's high-tech lens technology helped more than 700 top athletes around the world compete in Rio, stunning the world! Recommended reading: What are the advantages of Oakley glasses frames Related reading: Oakley sunglasses Oakley sunglasses
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