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u003cbru003eHow about Paramount' target='_blank'>sunglasses? Paramount, the English name PARIM, the brand was founded in 1992, since its inception, has been focusing on the development of the field of glasses. Paramount sunglasses 'intellectual beauty' as the core, advocate romantic intellectual, advocating creative lifestyle, fusion of fashion, exquisiteness, comfort and other elements, selection of high-quality lenses and frame materials, targeting the facial features of Orientals, to meet the needs of glasses wearing Comfort and fashion. Today, the editor recommends a pair of Paramount sunglasses for everyone: Design highlights: 1. Classic and stylish arc-shaped frame design, which enhances the wearing comfort while highlighting personal temperament; 2. Using PC lenses, ultra-lightweight and ultra-lightweight. Durable, it can effectively prevent the lens from chipping during intense exercise, and it has both practicality and function; 3. The design of color gradient is fashionable, and the design link of the temples with diamonds is more eye-catching.
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