How can we have a good summer if we only pay attention to the style of sunglasses and glasses

u003cbru003eAlthough sunglasses are a fashionable weapon and a magic weapon for styling, it is obvious that the fashion of sunglasses has surpassed its functionality. This concept is not advocated by the editor. In summer, ultraviolet rays are rampant. If we want to protect our eyes, how can we only focus on the style of sunglasses? When facing dazzling sunglasses, people always work hard to choose the style of the frame and ignore the quality and color of the lenses. In fact, for people with myopia, lenses are more important. Taking care of your eyes and resisting the damage of ultraviolet rays in the sun depends on a pair of good lenses! Blue frame silver legs / lens gray sunglasses myopia sunglasses are advanced and high-end With advanced production equipment and advanced coating technology, the quality of the lens is more guaranteed, and there are a variety of refractive indexes and colors to choose from. The refractive index reflects the thickness of the lens, 1.49, 1.56, 1.60, 1.67 dazzling, dazzling polarized light, 1.74 polarized light, according to the degree of the eye, the pursuit of lightness and thinness can be chosen arbitrarily. And the lens has a complete range of colors, including red, orange, silver, blue, blue, purple gold, local gold, new gray, all green gray, etc., each color represents a unique personality under the sun! Red passionate, orange vitality Bright, silver, wit and bold, cyan is pure and fresh, blue is cool and dazzling, purple gold is infinitely attractive, local gold is noble and prominent, new gray is deep and cool, and all green and gray have incomparable connotations. Which one do you prefer? Orange lens sunglasses YC9703 Ladies sunglasses C12 black/green In addition, the glasses can also be customized for myopia sunglasses, tailored to the special needs of different people, tailor-made special films, special base curves, etc., At the same time, we provide processing and assembly services for myopic sunglasses. With such a custom-made sunglasses, the world in your eyes must be more colorful. If you need it, hurry up and learn about it! Related reading: Sunglasses and sunglasses
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