How do celebrities show off their perfect faces with big-frame sunglasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-05-12
u003cbru003eStars have always been the fashion benchmarks in our hearts. They seem to have no flaws. Not only are they good in figure, but their faces are also small. What's strange is that those big pie faces and bun faces on TV dramas have transformed into slap faces! After some exploration, It turns out that it is the big-frame' target='_blank'>sunglasses! Choosing the right big-frame sunglasses can help you show off your perfect face~ Girls’ Generation member Lin Yoona showed up at the airport. The fresh plaid suit is sweet but not greasy. The oversized black sunglasses make Yoona full of energy instantly. Even the slap-faced Yoona chooses oversized sunglasses that are concave and fashionable! Although Chen Yanxi has a small face, she is born with a bun face. After putting on a pair of big-frame sunglasses, Toot's flesh face immediately became three-dimensional, it is amazing that there is something wrong~ That little friend who loves to complain about Xu Jiaying's big face is Joey Yung who is also famous for his big face. In fact, Zu'er has a rectangular face, but after the song, she always wears a pair of oversized sunglasses and finds an excellent selfie angle. It is obvious that the snake's face can be dented without using a knife. The pen and pen that never follows the Guaiguai brand is also famous for her generous face. However, she usually has either a pair of black-framed glasses or a pair of big round-framed sunglasses, which almost blocks most of her cheeks, and her big face turns into a small face in seconds. Xu Jiaying came to the fore in the fourth season of 'I'm a Singer'. She has been complained about by her friends, and her clothes are also worrying. This street look doesn't have any reference, but the combination of oversized sunglasses really makes Xu Jiaying's big face look smaller and more refined. It can be seen that large-frame sunglasses are also vital accessories for celebrities. Summer is here. Sunglasses are not only a must-have sunshade tool, but also cool and can help you cleverly repair the pie face into a slap face. Why not? So how do we choose large-frame sunglasses? Sunglasses are not afraid of large lenses. First, it can provide sun protection on a large area, and its retouching effect is absolutely No.1 regardless of the big face or the small face. Ray-Ban RB3016 Unisex Sunglasses W0365 half-covered sunglasses are also very fashionable. Large-framed sunglasses with scattered long hair can also upgrade the face-shaping effect. When choosing cat-eye sunglasses, big-faced girls should pay attention to choosing larger size lenses, so that only the forehead and chin are exposed. Ray-Ban RB3449 Men's Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55 Mirror Sunglasses are still going on. Of course you should prepare a pair this summer. The neutral aviator mirror sunglasses are not only unique to wear, but larger lenses can also be used. Play the effect of repairing the face. The sunglasses with polygonal geometric shapes are also very popular when worn out on the street, and girls with big faces still have to choose a slightly larger size. Ray-Ban RB2180-F Men’s Sunglasses 6229/7E Purple/Purple Pieces When choosing round-frame sunglasses, remember that the frame must be big, large, and large, otherwise the small round frame will not only look bigger, but also look like the blind Ah Bing. The above content is provided by you. For more information, please go to view. Website: Related reading: Best-selling sunglasses plus size sunglasses
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