How important are glasses to matching?

u003cbru003eWhen it comes to glasses, the first reaction of many people is 'Four-Eyed GirlHowever, these spectacles, which seem to have nothing to do with fashion, suddenly appeared in the fashion accessories hall in high density. First, the big-name models on the runway wore carefully designed glasses to the big-name shows, and then the first-line female stars in Hollywood also wore them. Appeared with glasses. Seeing that the four-eyed girl is also becoming trendy, are you tempted? However, since it has turned into a fashion accessory, the choice of glasses must consider your face shape, clothing, and even makeup. In other words, practicality has been relegated to the second place, and how to maximize the decorative role of glasses is the focus. The famous American makeup artist Barbie Bolang even suggested that in the morning in a hurry, if you don’t have more time to make up, it is better to wear glasses. This is a time-saving prop for lazy people to become beautiful. Of course, the premise is that you have to choose the shape that suits your face. glasses. When we were in school, glasses were called glasses in English textbooks, but today, fashion magazines call glasses eyewear. The difference between the two is obvious. The former emphasizes function, while the latter has elevated glasses to eyewear. More and more first-line fashion brands have launched their own eyewear series, including Gucci, Chanel, etc. At the same time, there are also some professional eyewear brands that are sought after. People buy several pairs of glasses like shoes or handbags. The celebrities have broken sunglasses, and even the sheet glasses that have only recently become popular. Although there are many trendy glasses on the market, matching is still a big problem. Some people feel that their faces look bigger after wearing glasses and their eyes are not prominent enough. In fact, just like all other fashion accessories, when you want to use glasses to improve your image, you need to make full preparations. Only with the right combination can it make you more beautiful.
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