How much are the big-name sunglasses? Take Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Gucci as examples

u003cbru003eWhen it comes to big-name sunglasses, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Gucci are definitely indispensable. These three brands are the best in the industry, but these big-name sunglasses seem to be the favorites of upper-class people, and most people It seems irrelevant. In fact, although the price of big-name sunglasses is relatively high, it is not a high price. Some series of single products are still relatively cheap. Let's take a few products as examples to analyze. Ray-Ban RB3523 Men's Sunglasses 029/71/Gun Blue/Dark Green Film Although these Ray-Ban sunglasses are a bit like the classic 3025, the price is much lower than it. The glasses official website can be purchased for only 599. The editor thinks that these sunglasses are more atmospheric than 3025 aviator sunglasses, and the style is more fashionable. Ray-Ban RB4222 Men’s Sunglasses 622/8G Matte Black/Lens Gray These Ray-Ban round sunglasses are simple, retro, modern and refined, with integrated arms, slender and exquisite, exuding feminine vitality and playfulness. You can buy them for only 686 yuan. But the big-name sunglasses are basically the same style and different colors, and the prices are different~Oakley OO9269 Men's Sunglasses 01/Black/Gray Oakley sunglasses are also available for only 648 yuan, although the price is higher than other sunglasses, but it The comfort and functionality are unmatched by small brands. Generally speaking, Oakley sunglasses are more suitable for sports people. Oakley OO9245 Men’s Sunglasses 18 Transparent Dark Green/Blue Sunglasses can also be worn by ordinary people, and the polarization and comfort will be better, the price is not expensive, like this big-name sunglasses is only 700 yuan. Gucci GG3635/N/F/S women's sunglasses with black outside and inner flower Gucci sunglasses should be said that the price is relatively high, even if the cheaper ones are more than one thousand yuan, the price of these women's sunglasses is around 1980 yuan, but it is elegant, luxurious, The elegant style is truly exquisite. The above is the relevant information about the price of card sunglasses. For more information, please check it out, but the editor reminds everyone that if the price of big-name sunglasses is too low, don’t believe it easily~ Related reading: Ray-Ban sunglasses brand sunglasses
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