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u003cbru003eCollection of glasses should be based on early time, good materials, and fine workmanship. Celebrity glasses are a unique way of collecting and investing. They are a special case in collecting glasses, and their investment value may be greater. It was once on the auction website. Biao to millions of dollars. CK CK5872 Men's glasses frame 001 black and silver collection can be divided into three steps to collect the glasses. You can start with some features of the glasses for a targeted collection. According to the collection rules of the collection and the characteristics of the glasses, relevant industry insiders provide the following ways for collectors to refer to. Look at the age first. It has been nearly 800 years since the appearance of glasses. There will be different changes in glasses in each period. This change is not only a change in style, but also a change in material, but also a change in the rhythm of the times. Then, from the different changes of glasses, we can feel the footsteps of their historical changes, and this also gives collectors a feature that distinguishes glasses from different ages. Generally, the earlier the age of the glasses, the greater the market value, because the early glasses produced less production and high prices, not many handed down, and many of the glasses are made of superior materials, which can also explain why classical glasses are now so expensive. This is also the reason why old-fashioned glasses with a century of history are equally expensive. Gucci GUCCI metal injection GG4264 brown LOZ full-frame men’s myopia glasses frame rear view material. Material is another key point in the collection of glasses, and to a large extent determines the value of a pair of glasses. First look at the lens. The lens is a crystal stone, glass or resin sheet, and whether the crystal is natural crystal or man-made crystal, the value of which is often very different. Usually natural crystal is better than man-made crystal, and the value of glass sheet and resin sheet is very small. Secondly, look at the frames. There are many kinds of frames, including metal frames such as gold, silver, K gold, cupronickel, brass, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, and titanium alloys, as well as non-metal frames such as wood, tortoiseshell, horns, and plastics. , Different materials themselves reflect different values, and also determine the collection value and market value of the frame. Look at workmanship again. The lens should be carefully checked for the fineness of the grinding precision, edge processing and polishing level. In addition to the level of production of the frame, if there are patterns, carvings or embroidery, etc., the level and exquisiteness of the frame must be judged. Some time-honored optical shops often put marks on the frames, such as 'Yang MingyuanBurberry B2150-F Men's Spectacle Frame 3002 Tortoiseshell Through the above differences, the collection value of a pair of spectacles can be determined. Generally speaking, glasses with high-quality lenses and frames, fine workmanship, and ages have the highest value, while ordinary glasses that are popular in modern times have basically no great collection value. However, good materials can still reflect a certain market price, and the glasses used by celebrities are another matter. After all, the value of collecting such glasses may not be high, but its collection value is mainly reflected in the celebrities, which is the added value of celebrity effect The absolute manifestation of. In addition, the spectacles should be distinguished in the collection, especially the price of the lenses, because the value of the crystal is very different from that of the glass. Even if it is a crystal, there is a difference between a natural crystal and an artificial crystal. The price gap between them is also not small. The difference between crystal and glass is mainly based on the hardness of the lens. The hardness of the crystal is high, and the surface is generally flat without scratches; while the glass lens is soft and the lens is prone to hairy, and you can find scratches on the mirror surface when viewed in bright places. It should be pointed out that the spectacle case is also a good collection, and its production level and artistic value are definitely not inferior to the spectacles. Therefore, some people give up spectacles and focus on the collection of spectacle cases. However, if a pair of spectacles already exist in the original spectacle case, they must be collected together. This will not only enhance the collection value of the spectacles, but also reflect its integrity advantages in the future appreciation process. Related reading: eyewear brand glasses
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