How much is the big Gucci sunglasses generally

u003cbru003eGucci sunglasses is an Italian fashion brand. Later, the product line was extended, opening up a world in the field of sunglasses. Gucci sunglasses is regarded as a big international brand. It has always been famous for its high-end, luxurious and sexy. With its brand image of 'identity and wealthSo how much does such a big-name sunglasses cost? I found three hot-selling sunglasses in the online optician shop as an example, and I will give you an analysis reference: Gucci GG4276/S unisex sunglasses tortoiseshell gold J5GCC classic aviator sunglasses , The golden copper metal frame is decorated with tortoiseshell acetate fiber details to add high-end brand breath; the design of the metal bamboo temples and the Gucci logo are more avant-garde and individual; the brown gradient color lens adds the charm of color, and UVA/ UVB protection, particularly good functionality; adjustable rubber nose pads are more comfortable and convenient. The price is 2480.00 yuan. Gucci GG3674/S Unisex Sunglasses Black outside and yellow inside. 4WHJJ These sunglasses have a butterfly-shaped design, which perfectly shows the femininity and temperament of women. In addition, the metal stitching of the temples adds a sense of luxury and texture, and the price is 1980.00 yuan. Gucci GG3636/N/F/S Women's Sunglasses Tortoiseshell Z99HA These Gucci sunglasses will definitely make you stand out when you wear them. The oversized frame design gives you a strong aura. The two-color design on the inside and outside of the temples is even more Fashion and charm, coupled with the golden brand logo, exquisite workmanship and shape, all reflect the brand characteristics. The price is 1980.00 yuan. The above is the price of three hot-selling models of big-name Gucci sunglasses. Generally speaking, the price of such internationally-known brand sunglasses is more than one to two thousand. Want to know more big-name sunglasses, hurry up and check it out! Related reading: Big-name sunglasses Gucci sunglasses
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