How should an optician sell myopic sunglasses

u003cbru003ePlatform sunglasses are basically standard products like clothing. Therefore, e-commerce has certain advantages in this field. This is why the sales of sunglasses in physical optical shops have continued to be sluggish in recent years. But myopia sunglasses are a good game for optical shops, but unfortunately, many optical shops do not pay enough attention to this business, the method is wrong or the product is not good, so that the sales volume is not good. So how should opticians sell myopic sunglasses? 9803c3 frames, black lenses, gray frog mirrors, polarized sunglasses, myopia sunglasses, there are 3 key points: 1. Choose the right time when myopic glasses customers come to pick up the glasses or enjoy Free cleaning and maintenance services are a better entry point for sales. Because the customer's mentality is relaxed at this time, he is not wary of the recommendation of the optician. 2. Must be patiently recommended. Although recommendation does not mean a 100% transaction, but not recommended will definitely not be sold. Moreover, the optician should analyze the problem from the customer's perspective and make feasible suggestions to the customer. This will leave an impression in the customer's mind. Even if he did not purchase at the time, he will be the first when he finds that he has this need in the future. Time to think of you. 3. In the face of price objections, the premise of highlighting product value is to make consumers 'just need' myopic sunglasses, otherwise, even if they are cheaper, they may be regarded as 'overkill' by customers and rejected. YC9702 Women’s Sunglasses C3 Black/Lens Colorful Blue Myopia Sunglasses Sales Professional Tips a. For high-curved sunglasses, pay attention to the curvature of the selected sunglasses. If the curvature is too large, and the curvature is too high, it may cause discomfort to wear and difficult processing, so choose carefully . If the customer insists on choosing for personal aesthetics or wearing scene needs, another consideration is given. b. The lens shape is too large, and the lens diameter is not enough, and the power is high. The bigger the lens, the heavier the glasses. Although it can be processed by processes such as center shifting and thinning, it may cause poor peripheral vision. If the customer insists on choosing, please explain. c. Screw-less device The metal-style full-frame mirror frame has no screw opening and closing points, which makes lens device difficult. d. Personalized edge cutting of special-shaped lens styles can meet the requirements of some special-shaped lenses. e. The height of rimless sunglasses, rimless sunglasses and polarized lenses should be avoided as much as possible. Related Reading: Simple Sunglasses Myopia Sunglasses
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