How should three different types of women choose sunglasses


Sunglasses not only have the function of shielding the eyes from ultraviolet rays, but also the function of decorating the appearance and protecting the defects of the facial features. For example, a face with a long nose can be equipped with a frame with the proper bridge of the nose to play a good modification effect; while wearing dark wide-brimmed glasses, you can hide or cover defects such as drooping eyelids and facial scars to modify makeup. Effect. So how to choose sunglasses for different types of women? 1. 'Able' type women choose 'cat eye' sunglasses to look more capable, it is recommended to wear sunglasses with a frame of 'cat eye' with the ends slightly raised to enhance the queen's spirit field. It can be matched with a close-fitting pullover and tailored suit trousers. The top is tucked into the trousers and the belt is fastened. The fashion index soars, coupled with high heels, instantly bursting with temperament. YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C7 White/Colorful Purple 2. 'Leisure' type Women choose 'square type' sunglasses if they want to look more casual, they can choose the 'square type' type, which has a straight, thicker frame as a whole. The frame itself is more intellectual, so it fits more with casual clothing. Choose a looser jacket, velvet cloth and other casual pants, plus a pair of simple and generous ankle boots, refreshing and pleasant. 3. 'Lazy and cute' type women's glasses choose 'Wellington' sunglasses. Women who want to turn into lazy and cute women can choose 'Wellington' type frames to match, the inverted ladder-shaped 'Wellington' sunglasses , Simple and calm, Hold live in various occasions. Choose a simple knitted sweater with a fluffy mini skirt, plus a pair of age-reducing sneakers, the shape is more lively and cute. Women love beauty and desire to have a flawless face. At this time, we must learn to use our strengths and avoid weaknesses in the choice of sunglasses, choose a pair of glasses that suits us, and show our own brilliance. More sunglasses matching skills can be viewed. Recommended Reading: 5 Sunglasses Matching Guide Related Reading: Sunglasses Face-shaped Women Sunglasses
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