How to adjust sunglasses yourself

u003cbru003eMany people have troubles such as 'new sunglasses are uncomfortable; sunglasses with a low nose bridge are easy to fall; sunglasses are uncomfortable to wear and clip too tightly and headacheThe height of the bridge of the nose and the position of the facial features are all different, and the contours of our Asians are completely different from those of Westerners. Of course, a pair of sunglasses cannot be magically bought and suitable for everyone. At this time, the sunglasses need to be adjusted. How to adjust? Below we propose different solutions to the different problems of sunglasses. Question 1: What should I do if the sunglasses keep sliding and the bridge of the nose can't stay? Ordinary glasses just adjust the nose pads. Just squeeze the nose pads in the middle with your fingers. There are more places to adjust the sunglasses. First of all, you can raise the nose pads, so you can choose the special silicone nose pads. You can choose the color of the nose pads. Just find the right one. In addition to the nose pads, the other important thing we have been neglecting is the temples. In many cases, the sunglasses can not be worn down and have nothing to do with the bridge of the nose, but it has a lot to do with the temples. The temples of the sunglasses we buy are designed to be bent or straight. If you can't wear the sunglasses, it may be because the temples are too straight and can't be hooked firmly on the ears. So how do you adjust the temples? First, we need to use a hair dryer to heat the temples, and then, while the heat is still present, gently bend the temples to a suitable angle. If you can’t hold your temples anyhow, you can also try an ear hook. The same goes for hooking your ears. Question 2: The nose pad is too tight, the bridge of the nose is too narrow, and the nose is uncomfortable. What should I do? Ordinary glasses just use your fingers to pull the nose pad out. Sunglasses are also blown with hot air from a hair dryer or placed under a stream of hot water. After being heated, they can be pulled out slowly and carefully. Question 3: What should I do if the frame on one side is higher or lower than the frame on the other? If the frame on the left is higher than the frame on the right, pull the left temple down. If the left frame is lower than the right frame, pull the right frame down. Question 4: Which sunglasses and glasses can not be adjusted? There are very few sunglasses and glasses materials that are not suitable for you to adjust yourself. These materials are: titanium, aluminum alloy, etc., other sunglasses we generally see on the market can be bought Make adjustments. YC9703 Ms. Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue Question 5: What should I do if there is a red mark every time I wear sunglasses? In this case, the nose pads may be too heavy or too hard. The temples can be adjusted so that the ears can hang the sunglasses better, so that all the weight that was previously placed on the bridge of the nose can be shared with the ears. If the material of the sunglasses nose pads is too hard, it will turn red, you can use the large silicone nose pads of the veneer to make the stressed surface not too hard. Question 6: What should I do if my sunglasses get a headache? After heating them with a hair dryer or hot water, gently and slowly pull the temples outwards. Be careful not to affect the frame, otherwise the lens will fall out easily if the frame is deformed. After mastering the above methods, no matter what the problem with sunglasses, I believe you can handle it by yourself! Adjusting the sunglasses by yourself is very convenient, as long as you are careful, so easy! Related reading: sunglasses sunglasses brand
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