How to buy high-quality sunglasses? You must understand these precautions

u003cbru003eSunglasses are a kind of protective product to prevent human eyes from being damaged by the strong stimulation of sunlight. With the improvement of people's material and cultural level, sunglasses can be used as special accessories to reflect personal style. Generally speaking, in addition to being fashionable and cool, wearing sunglasses is the most important thing to protect your eyes. We already know the anti-ultraviolet effect of sunglasses, the classification of materials and the function of the lenses. Knowing so much knowledge is to buy high-quality sunglasses, so the purchase precautions must be indispensable. Recommended reading: How to buy fashionable sunglasses 1. Don't choose the 'original orders of international brands' that any small shop claims. Optical products cannot tolerate flaws; and don't believe that there will be original orders for 'decent sunglasses'. 2. Any sunglasses products on Taobao that are less than one hundred yuan, even if they have UV protection and polarizing effects, are strongly recommended not to buy. The quality of such products on Taobao cannot be guaranteed. 3. It is best to choose PC lenses or nylon lenses for sunglasses with two to three hundred yuan. 4. The comfort and safety of glass lenses are far inferior to PC. 5. If you buy polarized sunglasses, please go to your car first to see if the coating or film of the front windshield conflicts with the polarized sunglasses. If there is a conflict, rainbow colors will appear in front of you. 6. It is generally recommended to choose 'ink color' or 'black gray' lenses. This type of lens will only reduce the brightness, but will not change the eye's color recognition. 7. Sunglasses also have a long life. Generally, they need to be replaced once every 1 to 2 years because the coating will wear out. Although care and use can extend the service life, as long as there is one negligence, it will cause damage to the coating. 8. Many international big-name sunglasses are specially designed for Caucasians. Asians may have problems such as 'lens top lashes' or 'frame pressing on cheekbones'. So it is recommended to try them in a physical store. Summer has come quietly. If you need eye protection and want to be cool, you will definitely come. When buying, you must keep the above points in mind when buying. It will definitely help you buy a suitable sunglasses for you. If you want to know more about the purchase of sunglasses, you can follow the official WeChat service platform newly created by China Eyewear Technology Magazine. Eyewear Encyclopedia will present you anytime, anywhere! Related reading: Sunglasses to choose sunglasses
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