How to buy sports glasses?

u003cbru003eSports glasses refer to safety glasses worn during sports, usually with safety (PC lenses), protection (TR-90 frame, soft and flexible), comfort (non-slip nose pads and foot covers), beautiful ( Match the effect of sports and leisure clothing). Provide a variety of different styles of sports glasses, if you are a sports enthusiast, if you want to choose a pair of dynamic and beautiful fashionable sports glasses, come and take a look! The “UV400” attached to the lens means 100% UV resistance. Generally speaking, the lenses used in sports glasses are polarized lenses and PC lenses, and the frames are made of TR90. Polarized lenses mainly use the principle of polarization (that is, the principle of blinds) to filter stray light. After wearing polarized lenses, the visual effect is very comfortable and the field of vision is clearer. It is especially suitable for driving, fishing, and climbing snow mountains. PC lenses, also known as space films, are non-fragmentable lenses with 100% safety. As for the TR90 material, it is a super tough resin material with good flexibility and lightness, smooth surface, rich colors, and comfortable to wear. So how to use and maintain sports glasses? When in use, it is easy to take off and wear with both hands; when storing, avoid letting the mirror surface touch the desktop or other sharp objects. In the daily maintenance process, if you find that the lens is dirty, use a cleaning solution or detergent specifically for cleaning the glasses. Especially for the maintenance of the polarizer, do not clean it with water or ultrasonic waves, so as not to damage its polarization effect.
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