How to choose a pair of sunglasses that match your facial features

u003cbru003eSunglasses match the skin tone and fair-skinned people have a wide range of choices. Basically, dark and light-colored sunglasses can bring good results. People with darker skin are best to choose dark sunglasses, such as black or gray, which will make the skin lighter. A good match between sunglasses and nose. YC9703 Ms. Sunglasses C3 black/colorful blue. Large nose: choose a larger frame for balance, a small frame will make the nose more prominent. Long nose: The wide-sided frame can distract attention forward or upward so that the nose is not very prominent. In addition, the double-layer design of the nose bridge will make the nose appear shorter. Smaller nose: Compared to smaller noses on other parts of the face, light-colored frames with higher nose pads can make the nose look more slender. Sunglasses and eyes match Ray-Ban RB3449 Men's Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55 The different positions of the eyes in the lens will give people different impressions. Generally speaking, if the eye position is too high, it will appear listless; if it is too low, it will feel funny. It is best to divide the frame into two horizontally, with the eyes slightly above the center line. The position of the eyes can be changed by adjusting the nose pads on the frame and the temples. At the same time, people with smaller glasses are best to choose darker lenses, while people with larger eyes have less restrictions. A good match between sunglasses and eyebrows YC9711 Men’s sunglasses C1 black/colorful red eyebrows have a significant impact on the image of the face. The eyebrows are aligned with the upper end of the sunglasses frame and slightly higher than the frame is ideal. If the eyebrows are upturned, the tip of the eyebrows cannot be aligned with the frame of the sunglasses, but the eyebrows must be aligned with the frame. Never choose sunglasses with an upturned frame, otherwise it will inevitably produce a funny feeling of 'upward' and 'upward'. At this time, you must choose sunglasses with straight frames. The level difference between the eyebrows and the glasses frame should not be too large, otherwise it will feel extremely unnatural. People with thick eyebrows should choose thin-framed or frameless sunglasses, otherwise the impression of eyebrows will be weakened. Conversely, sunglasses with thick frames are suitable for people with thin eyebrows. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Brand
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