How to choose an outdoor sports sunglasses

u003cbru003eEveryone is happy to travel in sunny weather, good weather is easier to stimulate everyone's happy mood, but with warm sunshine, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays and other things that are usually unfamiliar can cause discomfort to our eyes. Small damage, although ultraviolet light is good for sterilization and disinfection, visible light gives us a bright field of vision, and infrared light brings us warmth, but all the excessive absorption of light will cause damage to our body. The first thing to bear is our eyes. Harmful waveband distribution The ultraviolet rays we are usually exposed to are in the broad band of UV10-380nm. This report can be divided into three parts. Among them, the UVA wavelength is 315-380nm; the UVB wavelength is 280-315nm. These are the bands that damage our eyes. Most of the UVC below 280nm will be absorbed by the ozone layer, but industrial sources of UVC are not excluded. Visible light with a wavelength of 380-780nm is not a complete benevolent, high altitude and hot weather vertigo has its share of credit; the latter 780-1800nm u200bu200binfrared rays are the killer of corneal shedding, which will affect the crystals of our eyes. Cause huge damage. Now, know how dangerous your eyes are. Then, you need to buy a pair of outdoor sunglasses. Of course, in addition to protecting your eyes, you can also look cool and pretend to be ruthless... The color and UV index of sunglasses is a pity that many people in daily life think that wearing them A pair of colored glasses can block the sun to protect the eyes, but it is not. The depth of the lens color only affects the performance of visible light absorption, and has nothing to do with the anti-ultraviolet ability. The anti-ultraviolet ability depends on the lens material. The ideal sunglasses material must be able to filter more than 96% of the ultraviolet rays. The UV index is also an important criterion for filtering out ultraviolet rays. At present, the UV index of most outdoor sunglasses is between 96% and 98%. Dark lenses are better than light lenses. Generally speaking, a 100% UV index is unlikely. If a manufacturer claims that their sunglasses have a good UV filter effect, it is impossible. When you wear a pair of unqualified sunglasses, your pupil diameter is even much larger than when you don’t wear glasses, and ultraviolet rays are much more harmful to your eyes. If a person’s eyes are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, the conjunctiva will become congested and inflamed in mild cases; in severe cases, it will cause turbidity of the lens, cataracts are likely to occur, and the retina and fundus will also be damaged. Of course, the choice of color is also necessary. In addition to leisure and entertainment, if it is really for UV protection, it is better to buy Ray-Ban gray, Ray-Ban green, blue-gray lenses with real shade effects because of these relatively soft colors. , It will not change color when looking at nature, it is especially suitable for car owners, because it will not affect their discrimination of traffic signals such as traffic lights. In the past, the production and use of sunglasses belonged to foreigners. Today, most of the outdoor sunglasses we buy are produced by domestic outdoor brands, and foreign brands are also OEM in China. Therefore, you see several outdoor brands every day. Sunglasses are quite guaranteed in terms of quality. The only drawback is that our brand has been transformed from a processing factory. The wearing standards for more detailed outdoor sunglasses are not very clear. The product lenses and the instructions on the manual are not very clear. Clear, most models use the same description, which will cause a lot of misunderstandings for future use. For example, cycling sunglasses and ski sunglasses are not universal, and yellow lenses cannot be used for alpine climbing. Of course, the outdoor sunglasses industry standard has instructions, and everyone needs to understand it. Since most of the industry standards are formulated by foreigners, professional terms and instructions are basically incomprehensible. Understanding these is also the quality we should have. The following are lenses. Industry standards that may appear on the tag or description:   cat.CE 4 ---- SPECTRA M5    99% UV and infrared blocking, 92%-97% visible light blocking, can be used for mountain climbing, skiing, marine sports; not for bicycles Riding, car driving. cat.CE 3-----SPECTRA 10---SPECTRA 10 MC----SPECTRA 10 PLZ (polarized lens)    99% UV blocking, 82%-91% visible light blocking, used for outdoor activities under strong light conditions The need for eye protection. After the polarized lens of SPECTRA 10 PLZ is added, it is especially suitable for waterside activities such as windsurfing, fishing, snow sports, car driving, bicycle riding, etc. cat.CE 2---SPECTRA 20---SPECTRA 20 MC    99% UV blocking, 57%-81% visible light blocking, suitable for the eye protection needs of outdoor activities under general light conditions.  SPECTR 10 PLZ has added polarized lenses, the glasses will make you more comfortable during use, especially suitable for waterside activities, such as fishing, surfing, sailing and other activities, and also suitable for skiing and snow sports. Knowing the above standards, you can go to the outdoor store to find sunglasses that suit you. The above standards are hard, and the other standards are soft. The feeling of comfort comes from us, and the subjective consciousness is not in the product itself. The law has changed, so we suggest that you have to personally experience when buying sunglasses, watch and choose more, so that you don’t use the 'love at first sight' method to buy sunglasses. Although the beauty of the frame is important, the visual comfort of the lens and the comfort of the frame are more important. If fish and bear's paw can't have both, those who give up the fish and take the bear's paw are also.
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