How to choose driving sunglasses

u003cbru003ePolarized sunglasses are like installing blinds in front of your eyes. When driving, sunlight is projected on the road or on the hood, and the light is polarized to produce glare. Glare is irregular reflected light, which will increase brightness and weaken color saturation together, directly irritating the eyes, making the eyes feel tired and unable to see things for a long time. 'If the eyes are too dazzling when driving, there will be risks.' Polarizers can effectively place and filter out these irregular reflected light, just like putting blinds in front of our eyes, and the light is adjusted to the same direction of light entering the eyes. , Can make the scene look soft and not dazzling. YC9711 Men’s Sunglasses C1 black/colorful red brown lens sunglasses, most suitable for foggy days. In severe air pollution or foggy climates, you can wear brown sunglasses. The brown lens reduces the brightness of the object, the color distortion of the object is the smallest, and can slightly reduce the halo of blue light, so that the impression is clearer, and at the same time provide glare protection. Wang Ying reminded drivers that they should avoid using blue lenses when choosing glasses, because they will make the driver confused about the color of traffic lights; do not wear too dark lenses when driving, which will cause 'chromatic aberration'. Both the red light and the green light will not be able to see clearly, compare the risks. YC9712 Men’s Sunglasses C1 gun/green sunglasses with high transmittance lenses, the low transmittance affects the reaction ability. Driving fast and wearing sunglasses with too low transmittance will affect the driver’s responsiveness. In order to ensure that the colors of the surrounding environment are not distorted and the edges of objects are clear, as well as the ability to recognize different color signal lights, the relevant stipulation transmittance is: observe the red, yellow, and green traffic signals through the lens, and the red signal should be ≥8%; yellow And the green signal should be ≥6%; if the transmittance of each color traffic signal is too low, it will reduce the ability to recognize the traffic signal. Therefore, when purchasing sunglasses, consult the transmittance. Ray-Ban RB3449 Men's Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55 Reflective Sunglasses, look at the dashboard more clearly. The lens of reflective sunglasses is coated with a thin layer of mutation reflective paint, and the color depth of the paint is gradually changed from top to bottom. When driving, it can enhance the ability of sunglasses to resist light from above, and together let more light enter from below and horizontally. Reflective sunglasses can block the sun's rays from above, and at the same time can also make the driver see the dashboard more clearly. clip, suitable for those who wear structured glasses. The sunglasses clip can be turned up and down. When driving, as long as the sunglasses clip is turned down to cover the myopia lens, it will have the effect of shielding the glare and protecting the eyes. Wang Ying said that the sunglasses clip is suitable for myopic patients who wear structured glasses. When the light is dark, just flip the sunglasses clip up or off, and it will be a pair of myopia glasses; of course, if you don’t like the clip, you can buy it directly. Or custom-made sunglasses that fit the correction degree. Related Reading: Anti-Fatigue Lenses for Driving Sunglasses
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