How to choose fashionable glasses for people with different face shapes


When buying fashionable glasses, many people do not know which frame glasses to choose for their face shape to show their fashionable side. In this regard, the editor of the net specially compiled a set of strategies for people with different faces to purchase fashionable glasses for everyone to use as a reference when shopping. Generally speaking, people with a square face are more suitable for oval-shaped glasses or glasses with a softer frame. By wearing these glasses, you can soften the contours of the face and make your face look more rounded. People with round faces are suitable for wearing glasses with the opposite frame to the square face, because the round face itself does not look contoured, so it is necessary to increase the contour of the face through glasses with a stronger frame. The thing is, the slender temples can make a round face look stretched, and visually make the face look thinner. People with an inverted triangle face shape need to wear a frame with a narrow upper half and a wide lower half to modify the lack of face shape and make your face look more symmetrical. Here, I need to congratulate those with oval and melon-shaped faces, because no matter what kind of frame glasses can show the beauty of the face. It is very important to choose a pair of glasses frame that suits their frame shape. Different people must choose according to their face shape when choosing fashionable glasses, so that they can perfectly decorate their face while highlighting fashion. .
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