How to choose healthy and eye-protecting sunglasses? Color modeling is also particular

u003cbru003eSunglasses are almost a must-have standard for hipsters outdoors in hot weather and dazzling sun. Right now, the black super is no longer the main selling point. The new color film, gold mercury, blue mercury, green mercury, gray film, brown film... can't be picked. Seeing so many cool lenses, many people have been 'blinded' before they stand in the sun. YC9702 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Lens Colorful Blue Experts remind you that when choosing sunglasses, don't just play cool and look good. The colors look good, but if you don’t protect your eyes, this kind of sunglasses is definitely not a good choice. How to choose the lens, shape, how to observe whether there is any abnormality in the sunglasses? Which type of sunglasses should the people with normal vision or myopia choose? Ophthalmologists will explain to you one by one. Phenomenon: Sunglasses are like decorations, they are cute and cute, and there are more and more people wearing sunglasses when they go out. Many young parents also like to buy small sunglasses with cute shapes for their children. Cool colors, unique shapes, and all kinds of sunglasses worn on a variety of faces can indeed play a role in decorations, show more personality, or look cute. But in the eyes of ophthalmologists, whether it is stylish, pretend or cute, it is just a function of sunglasses. 'In fact, a good pair of sunglasses, its most important function is to block the strong ultraviolet rays.' Huang Zhongwei, a professor of ophthalmology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that when the eyes are exposed to strong light and ultraviolet rays, they are not blocked. When moving objects, the light can 'drive straight into' the pupil, causing damage to the eyes. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, don't just consider the style, and don't pay attention to whether the lens has a good UV blocking function. 'Wearing sunglasses is not the patent of young people who love beauty. In fact, elderly people with eye diseases need a pair of suitable sunglasses for outdoor activities, especially under the hot sun.' Huang Zhongwei pointed out that elderly people with cataracts, dry eyes and various Ocular fundus diseases such as fundus macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa have different degrees of photophobia. Therefore, it is best to wear sunglasses under the hot sun. On the one hand, it can help improve the symptoms of photophobia, and on the other hand, it can protect the fundus. Optic cells can play a certain protective role against senile eye diseases such as cataracts and fundus macular degeneration. YC9703 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue Reminder: Do not only value the cool appearance, and the color and shape are also exquisite. As long as it is a qualified sunglasses lens, generally speaking, darker colored lenses are better for eye protection under the stronger sunlight. Because the light-colored lens has little filter effect, but too dark color will also affect vision. And you can't choose the shape too casually. The big-curved sunglasses that can cover half of your face are cool but not necessarily more eye-friendly. This article is from the Guangzhou Daily and has been slightly modified. If you need to delete it, please contact Related reading: Gucci sunglasses for women
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