How to choose hiking sunglasses

u003cbru003eWhether it’s the New Year’s Day, or the scorching sun, the spring, and the scorching autumn weather, people climb and burn incense to pray for blessings, and visit the mountains and water. Naturally, many people will have one or several sets of climbing equipment. And mountaineering sunglasses is one of them. However, poor selection of mountaineering sunglasses can have many effects on the climbing process. For example, if the weight of mountaineering sunglasses is too large and the size is not suitable, it will cause discomfort to wear. So here is also to tell you how to choose mountaineering sunglasses. Ray-Ban RB4225 Men's Sunglasses 646/55 Transparent Mountaineering Sunglasses Frame: 1. There are many mountaineering sunglasses on the market that are designed with the faces of Westerners, and the cheekbones of the Easterners are higher and the cheeks are also higher than those of the Westerners. It will be much wider, so be sure to try them when you choose mountaineering sunglasses. Otherwise, mountaineering sunglasses that are not suitable for Orientals will cause discomfort when the temples are squeezed. The mountaineering sunglasses will also be deformed due to the spread of the temples. To a certain extent, the service life is reduced. 2. In the same way, our head size is different from that of Westerners, so if the curvature of the mountaineering sunglasses frame and the distance between the curvature are not appropriate, it will cause a burden on the ears, and it will be very tiring to wear for a long time. 3. The noses of most oriental people are not three-dimensional, but the nose pads of mountaineering sunglasses are a very important part. If you wear glasses with the wrong height of the nose pads, we will easily feel dizzy, so when choosing mountaineering sunglasses Be sure to pay attention to whether its nose pads conform to Orientals. Ray-Ban RB4242 Unisex Glasses Frame 6201/13 Brown Men's Trendy Toad Mirror Fashion Asian Edition Genuine Guarantee Mountaineering Sunglasses Lens Choice: 1. The lens color of mountaineering sunglasses is very particular. Generally, light-colored lenses are chosen for mountaineering sunglasses. That is, it is comfortable and can also play a role in protecting glasses. It is worth mentioning here that although the dark-lens mountaineering sunglasses are cool, they will change the color of the scenery and affect the line of sight. 2. There are a lot of polarized light on the mountain, so when choosing mountaineering sunglasses, you should have polarized lenses. Mountaineering sunglasses brand choice: We go up the mountain not only to keep fit, but more importantly, to be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery. Therefore, if you wear some sunglasses that will deform the scenery, etc., or uncomfortable sunglasses, it will cause great damage to our climbing experience. Therefore, for the mountaineering sunglasses brand, Ray-Ban sunglasses are recommended, because the lenses of Ray-Ban can guarantee the natural original color, and its frames have been carefully designed for the Orientals. Recommended reading: How much does Ray-Ban sunglasses cost? Related reading: Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses Ray-Ban sunglasses
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