How to choose myopia sunglasses

u003cbru003eFor myopic consumers, wearing myopic glasses and sunglasses in summer is a headache. How can I have both? How to choose myopic sunglasses? Myopia sunglasses are also called myopia sunglasses/shading glasses/polarized sunglasses. Many people will choose to wear a pair of sunglasses when they travel. Sunshade and matching clothing style can kill two birds with one stone. The following editor gives suggestions on the selection of myopia sunglasses: 1. You can add a pair of sunglasses clip (flat light) to the original myopia glasses. However, the style of the clip is very small, and may not match the wearer’s original myopia glasses. Generally, men choose clip or insert, put it on when using it, and take it off when not in use, which is convenient and quick. Moreover, the price of clips and inserts is cheap, and there are many choices. clip/insert 2. It can be equipped with a pair of lenses, that is, there is a pair of sunglasses lenses outside the frame glasses that exactly match the ring shape of the glasses, which can be clamped or adsorbed on the frame by a magnet, and then the cover can be removed indoors The mirror is still a pair of ordinary myopia glasses. But such a pair of glasses has the weight of two pairs of glasses, which will cause a little discomfort to the wearer. Set lens with clip 3. You can use color-changing lens, one lens and dual purpose, super cost-effective. However, due to the limited luminosity range of the color-changing lens, the lens is thicker and heavier when the height is numbered. Generally, the color-changing lens is not recommended for the height number above five or six hundred degrees! Color-changing lenses 4. According to the actual luminosity of the wearer, the resin lens can be dyed into the wearer's favorite color to make myopic sunglasses. It is inconvenient to use sunglasses during outdoor activities and change to the original glasses indoors. It's a trade-in. The lens of myopia sunglasses must be a resin sheet, but which refractive index resin sheet to use depends on the wearer's luminosity. The frame of myopia sunglasses can be a light distribution frame or sunglasses. However, when choosing sunglasses, consider whether the sunglasses frame is suitable for changing lenses (such as screwless metal frames). But it is worth mentioning that the price of this kind of myopic sunglasses may be slightly higher, generally around 300 yuan. Sunglasses with degrees Choose a pair of sunglasses that suits you. Not only can you prevent ultraviolet rays from hurting your eyes, but you can also achieve the effect of matching clothing. Sunglasses are indispensable when you go out in summer. Related Reading: Sunglasses Sunglasses
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