How to choose polarized sunglasses

u003cbru003eHow to choose polarized' target='_blank'>sunglasses 1. Look at the degree of UV protection. The so-called UV protection degree refers to the UV standard. It probably refers to the human eye's perception of light and visible light in the range of 380~780nm. Ultraviolet light refers to the wavelength below 380nm invisible light. UV380 means that it can effectively block light with a wavelength below 380nm. The UV400 standard also blocks part of the visible light at the same time, so part of the color will be lost. 2. Pay attention to polarized light and polarized filter to observe the color saturation of sunglasses. Bad sunglasses will blur the contours of objects and make the eyes tired and uncomfortable. The polarizer is made according to the principle of polarization of light, that is, when the vibration plane of the light and the polarization axis are parallel, the polarized light filter can transmit the polarized light. Therefore, when the light is sorted into visible light and enters the human eye, it will make the surrounding scenery look clear and not glaring. In addition, another outstanding advantage is that the lens is extremely light and thin. The general thickness is usually 0.8mm or 1.1mm, and it is impact resistant. Therefore, this lens is very suitable for driving and outdoor activities, and is very popular with everyone. Under normal circumstances, drivers like to wear polarized sunglasses, which can not only block invisible light, but also filter out the reflection of some things.
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