How to choose sunglasses?

u003cbru003eWhen choosing sunglasses, many people blindly chase sunglasses brands and ignore the purpose of purchase, which leads to improper selection of sunglasses. Wearing such sunglasses for a long time will cause damage to our glasses. Today, the net editor will teach you how to choose a sunglasses that suits you. First of all, the purpose of purchase must be clear. When choosing sunglasses, some people are not sure whether they are buying sunglasses to block ultraviolet rays or to look more beautiful. Therefore, when buying sunglasses, you must first make clear the purpose of your purchase. Then, choose the sun that suits your color. Generally speaking, fair-skinned people should avoid black with high contrast. In comparison, brighter colors such as brown and burgundy are more suitable. People with yellow skin are suitable for silver and pink to brighten their skin. Those with darker skin are suitable for blue and dark purple sunglasses. Secondly, choose according to your face shape. People with long faces are recommended to choose round or oval sunglasses with a certain width and three-dimensional effect; people with petite faces should choose sunglasses with rimless or thin frames; people with pear-shaped faces are more suitable for thick frames. , As for the oval face, no matter which style is suitable. After that, check the quality of the sunglasses. Regardless of the style and color of sunglasses you choose, the lenses should be smooth, wear-free, and bubble-free, and there should be no warpage from the horizontal direction. Sunglasses must be comfortable to wear, as long as there is no indentation after wearing for 15 minutes.
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