How to choose sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses are fashionable and fashionable items. They are worn by both men and women of all ages. Wearing sunglasses can not only bring fashion, but most importantly, it can also block harmful ultraviolet rays. So, how should we choose sunglasses that suit us? Recommended reading: How to distinguish between sunglasses and polarized lenses? 1. Choose according to the purpose. If it is driving, traveling or fishing, this kind of light is used in more complicated places. Then choose polarized sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses has special lenses that can filter harmful light and glare in the air. However, the color of the polarized lens lens is generally darker, and it is not as good as the ordinary lens in terms of fashion. 2. According to the face shape, choose a round face suitable for glasses with a slightly thicker frame, cold lens color, and darker color, which has the visual effect of 'tightening' the face. Overly bright yellow, red lenses or sunglasses with slender and soft frame lines will make the face bigger. Small face is suitable for wearing thin-frame or rimless glasses. Choose elegant blue, purple, light brown and other lens colors, which will have unexpected effects. For a long face, it is suitable to choose oblate or curved mirrors and slightly thicker temples to reduce the slenderness of a long face. Slender faces are generally skinny. Choose feminine pink or wine red lenses to increase the brightness of the face. For a square face, sunglasses with a narrow width and rounded corners of the frame are suitable. A frame that is too large and too square will only make the face look more square. The color of the lens is preferably a steady brown. Apricot-shaped face is suitable for choosing lighter lenses, thinner metal frames or rimless glasses to reduce the weight on the upper face of the face, so as not to make the originally wide upper part of the face more expansive. The inverted triangle is suitable for choosing glasses with a thicker frame, a darker color, and a slightly wider horizontal width to adjust the ratio of the top and bottom, which gives people a sense of coordination. 3. According to the choice of material, the frame material is generally divided into plastic and metal. The famous plastics are plate and TR90. The plate is made of cotton and wood. The quality of the plate depends on its color and cotton content. TR90 has high elasticity. Memory and toughness are excellent. Common lens materials include glass and resin. Glass lenses have tended to be eliminated due to shortcomings such as fragility and heavy weight. Compared with glass, resin lenses have the following advantages: resistance to breakage, light weight, and high light transmittance. The inspection indicators for high-quality lenses are shock resistance, scratch resistance, high-tech tinting technology, lightness, UV resistance, and a clear and eye-catching appearance. No matter how to choose sunglasses, it is ultimately to better protect our eyes and bring health and beauty. Related Reading: Sunglasses Face Fashion Sunglasses
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