How to choose sunglasses in winter

u003cbru003eMany friends put on' target='_blank'>sunglasses immediately in summer to protect their eyes while dressing up. However, winter is also a season when you need to wear sunglasses. The climate in winter is not the same as in summer, so the sunglasses purchase plan will be different. So, how to choose sunglasses in winter? Below, let's follow the editor to find out. How to choose sunglasses in winter? Due to frequent windy weather in winter and dust and other particles in the dry air, when choosing sunglasses, try to choose sunglasses with a larger frame, so that the frame fits the face as much as possible, so as to fully protect the eyes from wind and sand. hurt. How to choose sunglasses in winter? The sunlight in winter is not as strong as in summer. If you choose darker lenses when buying sunglasses, the color of the object will be distorted after wearing, which will affect the wearing effect. Therefore, in winter, choose sunglasses with lighter colors as much as possible, which can increase the penetration of visible light and ensure the effect of wearing. How to choose sunglasses in winter? When choosing sunglasses in winter, UV protection is still very important. In winter, the atmosphere is thin, and the penetration of ultraviolet rays in the sun is enhanced. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, you must choose lenses with uv400 anti-ultraviolet capabilities. Expert reminder: Many businesses will use the consumer psychology of 'expensive is good' to sell counterfeit goods. Therefore, when buying genuine sunglasses, you must go to a regular store to purchase, so that the quality and all aspects are good. Guaranteed.
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