How to choose sunglasses is confusing

u003cbru003eThere is so much difference in the price of sunglasses. Isn't the cheap ones not good enough to hurt your eyes? There are many colors in sunglasses, which color is the best? Recently, the sun is getting stronger and more people start to buy sunglasses, but Faced with the dazzling array of sunglasses in the store, consumers have many questions when choosing. The editor reminds everyone that when choosing sunglasses, the basic requirements should be that the objects are not deformed and the edges are clear after wearing, and that they are horizontal and vertical when looking straight. Ray-Ban RB3025 Unisex Sunglasses 001/58 Gold Frame Dark Green Film (Polarized) Do you often participate in outdoor walking sports on weekends? Did you feel sore and dry eyes and redness after walking? The editor recommends that when you go out, it is best to wear sunglasses to reduce the light stimulation. However, many consumers have the same problem when choosing sunglasses, and they have encountered many questions, 'From a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the price difference is hundreds of times. I am optimistic about a cheap sunglasses, but some people say that it is cheap Sunglasses are the most harmful to the eyes. How do you choose sunglasses?” Ray-Ban RB3523 Men’s Sunglasses 006/3R/Black/Colorful Green Film Excessive ultraviolet rays may cause acute and chronic damage to the eyes, causing the outer layer of the eyeball to be burned by ultraviolet radiation. , Its typical manifestations are pain, dryness, tearing, foreign body sensation, etc., and wearing sunglasses can reduce the effect of ultraviolet rays. Of course, when choosing sunglasses, you must first choose products from regular manufacturers that meet national regulations. In addition, when choosing sunglasses, it is important to see whether the lenses are flat, so as not to damage your eyesight due to light distortion. Ray-Ban RB4257-F Ladies Sunglasses 6092/2Y Tortoise/Tea optometrists remind consumers that consumers can check whether the lens is flat by the following methods, such as: observing whether the edge of the opposite object is clear through the lens, and looking at the object with the straight and horizontal movement of the glasses Whether it is distorted. The doctor specifically pointed out that when looking at the window frame, the lens is flat, which is the basic criterion for choosing sunglasses. On this basis, some lenses are more expensive, which may be better for filtering ultraviolet rays, which is a higher requirement. From the perspective of the effect after wearing, choose sunglasses that will not make your eyes feel tired. From the perspective of color, the general brown and gray lenses are most highly regarded by ophthalmologists. Related reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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