How to choose sunglasses suitable for winter?

u003cbru003eThe positioning of sunglasses in people's hearts is usually fixed as a summer shade. But in winter, sunglasses play its important function, especially after snowing, wear a pair of sunglasses, gloves, and a scarf when you go out. The same is indispensable, and wearing a pair of fashionable glasses in winter can make the clothes and the whole exude more fashion sense. But matching glasses in winter is more particular than in summer, so how to choose a suitable winter for yourself Colored reflective lenses have been in the limelight in the past two years, but this type of sunglasses is more suitable for colorful summers, and it is slightly inconsistent to wear in winter. Especially when paired with winter clothes, exaggerated color reflections and heavy winter coats will Produce a kind of 'vulgarity' effect, so those colorful reflective lenses should be reserved for summer. Summer sunglasses are the same as summer clothes. They are light and comfortable, so those sunglasses with 'thick' frames are not suitable for summer. However, Winter corresponds to the thickness of the clothes. Sunglasses can also choose a style with a thicker frame. The thickness of the frame will make the winter clothes more textured. The two are also comparable in 'weightVisual effects. Especially when your jacket is decorated with fur, choosing thick sunglasses frames is more advanced. 'Sunglasses' are still summer items in most people's consciousness, so try to reduce the contrast between sunglasses and winter clothes. , It will not make the whole look 'nondescript'. The all-black lens + scarf is the easiest way to create a 'star fan'. There is a pair of good-quality sunglasses embellished, even if the whole body is darkened, it will not become 'Passerby'. The slightly larger frame and turtleneck outline a perfect small face contour. Wearing light colors in winter has a rare brisk effect. The color of the lenses can be lighter, but the frame material is still thicker. These acrylics are not too 'light and fluttering' for the whole person. Although the metal material feels cold in winter, in a dark coat, the metal's 'pointing' effect cannot be underestimated, especially when you wear one When a short coat wants to create a handsome effect, this pair of metal frame sunglasses is the best helper. Related reading: Sunglasses female sunglasses brand
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