How to choose sunglasses that suit you?

u003cbru003eIt is necessary to have a concave shape artifact like' target='_blank'>sunglasses, whether in summer or winter, but we can’t be sloppy when we choose. If we wear sunglasses that are not suitable for us, it will become a burden instead. Then the editor will give you some tips on choosing sunglasses from different aspects. YC9709 Women's Sunglasses C4 Tortoiseshell/Lens Gray Color: Sunglasses have different colors and different functions. 1. Gray lens can absorb any color spectrum evenly. Although the scene will become darker, there will be no obvious chromatic aberration, which can show a real and natural feeling. Suitable for outdoor activities who like sightseeing and photography. 2. Blue-gray lenses, slightly darker in color, higher visible light absorption rate. If the sun is very bright, you can consider wearing blue-gray. 3. The mercury lens has a high-density mirror coating on the surface, which can absorb and reflect more visible light, which is suitable for long-term outdoor sports. 4. The brown lens filters out a lot of blue light, which can improve the visual clarity and contrast to a certain extent. If the environment is severely polluted or foggy, it is better to wear brown sunglasses. 5. The green lens can absorb part of the light and greatly increase the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling, and is suitable for travel friends who are prone to eye fatigue. 6. The yellow lens hardly reduces the visible light, but in the foggy and twilight hours, it can increase the contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision goggles by the traveler. Some young people wear 'sunglasses' with yellow lenses as decoration. 7. Other mirror colors, such as light blue, light pink, etc., are more decorative than practical. YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C7 White/Colorful Purple Face: Sunglasses will change the shape of the face to the star, the heart-shaped face and the heart-shaped face will have a wider forehead and a sharper chin. This type of face should try to avoid styles with a wide top and a narrow bottom, such as the all-match Traveler Wayfarer, Cateye, and Sport. People with round faces and round faces have unobvious facial lines. You should choose some square, angular sunglasses, and be sure to avoid round frames, which will make your face look more rounded, like the Traveler Wayfarer style, cat-eye style Cateye and Square are very suitable. There is no need to worry for people with melon face that belong to this type of face. A variety of styles are suitable for you. You only need to choose the one you like. The popular Traveler Wayfarer and Aviator are both good and large. Oversize is also available. People with square faces and square faces have relatively small choices. Because the face is well-defined, you can choose some rounded styles to soften your facial lines, such as round, oval frames, and even-frame shields. Ray-Ban RB4225 Men's Sunglasses 646/55 Transparent Styles: What are the good-looking sunglasses styles this year? 1. Retro cat-eye sunglasses; have you ever thought about retro? Afraid that you can't hold it? Then just look retro! From the visual effect The material is very light, but it is the kind of retro cat sunglasses that people will never forget. The unique cat-eye shape and low-key cut-out details, especially to set off the round or oval face. 2. Reflective lens sunglasses; this year's various colorful reflective sunglasses have attracted countless people. They are cool and avant-garde, as if they are another layer of makeup feast for facial makeup. 3. Round-frame sunglasses; if you don't have any retro elements on your body, you are embarrassed to say that you are fashionable. The round frame sunglasses can bring a quirky and retro feeling to your style, and are most suitable for gentlemen with a tough chin, because the round lenses have the effect of softening the tough lines of the face. Related Reading: Sunglasses Trendy Sunglasses Explosions
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