How to choose sunglasses that suit your face shape

u003cbru003eGuide: As a fashion accessory that can be used all year round, the effect of wearing sunglasses is closely related to everyone's face. But the matching of sunglasses with the face shape is very particular. Which face shape should match with what kind of sunglasses? Men: Oval face: Every kind of frame is suitable, but it is better to choose a horizontal frame that is slightly larger than the facial line. A heart-shaped face is similar to an inverted triangle face: you can choose a pilot, oval or round frame. Square face or angular face: It is better to choose a round or oval frame. Round face: It is a good choice to have a thick frame or a square frame, with angular frames. Long face: If the face is long or narrow, you can choose an angular or geometric frame. Ladies: Round face: you can choose thicker or large exaggerated frames. Goose egg face: You can choose a baby or a round frame. Long face: You can choose a baby frame or an angular frame. Square or angular face: If the face has an angle, it is easy to use a frame or round glasses slightly larger than the face. In addition, the nose shape is also related to wearing sunglasses. The editor of sunglasses recommends wearing a large frame for a big nose to achieve balance; a small nose type naturally needs a relatively small frame; a light-colored, high-beam mirror can make the nose feel longer; if the nose is too long, you can choose a double-beam mirror. This makes the nose look shorter. Related reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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