How to choose the material and color of sunglasses

u003cbru003eWe all know that sunglasses are very popular nowadays. There are almost a few pairs of sunglasses. When you see other people wearing sunglasses on the street, you can’t hate them. But when you go to an optical shop or jewelry store, For colorful sunglasses, I don’t know how to start for a while. Which aspects should I pay attention to when choosing sunglasses? The choice of material and color of sunglasses is very important. Only the frame and lens materials are selected and the color is suitable for you. Wear It will be more comfortable to get up. So how to choose the material and color of the sunglasses? 1. The material of the sunglasses lens determines the price difference of the sunglasses. In addition to the brand factor, there is also the material of the lens. Lens material will affect optical transparency, weight and durability. Common materials include: polycarbonate material: polycarbonate lens itself can block 100% of ultraviolet rays, with good impact resistance and transparency, second only to polyurethane. It is cheap and light, but it is not resistant to friction, so it needs to be filmed. Polyurethane material: excellent impact resistance and optical transparency. It is flexible and light, but more expensive. Recommended reading: What material is good for sunglasses lens 2. frame material The common materials of the frame are as follows: Metal frame: including stainless steel, aluminum alloy and super expensive titanium alloy. The frame is very light, but not suitable for high-intensity sports. In the hot summer, the metal frame of the sunglasses in the car becomes very hot and cannot be worn immediately. Nylon frame: not expensive, light, and more durable than metal frame. Many goggles and sports sunglasses are made of nylon. The curvature of the nylon frame generally cannot be adjusted unless there is a steel core inside the frame. Acetate frame: expensive, lightweight, with various colors, poor ductility, and cannot be worn during sports. 3. Sunglasses color The specific choice of sunglasses color can be seen in 'Summer choose sunglasses color carefullyAccording to the transmittance of visible light, the lens can be divided into 0 to 4 levels from light to dark. Different shades correspond to different weather and location conditions: Grade 0 is suitable for indoors and when it is cloudy; Grade 1 to 2 corresponds to low-to-medium brightness sunlight. Some decorative fashion sunglasses belong to this category; most sunglasses belong to Grade 3. It is suitable for coping with strong light in the seaside, mountaineering, etc.; while the level 4 is for coping with extremely strong sunlight in snowy mountains, deserts and other environments. This kind of lens is very dark, so you cannot wear it when driving or cycling. The above is an introduction to the selection of sunglasses materials and colors. If you want to know more about sunglasses, please go to. Related Reading: Sunglasses Color Sunglasses Material
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