How to choose the right sunglasses

u003cbru003eSummer has passed quietly, but we still have to take care of our eyes. In addition to daily eye care, we must also take care of our eyes. After all, the eyes are very fragile. If the sun is too strong, it is actually easy to cause damage to our eyes. Recommended reading: Sunglasses selection guide: What kind of sunglasses is suitable for your face? The first thing to remember is to wear sunglasses in addition to sun protection and eye protection. Even more, let sunglasses modify the face shape to achieve a balanced beauty. So if you have a round face, you can try square-shaped sunglasses as much as possible, and a square face with a curved face, round sunglasses are more attractive. If you want a long face to be short, then choose a larger frame sunglasses. Vice versa, round sunglasses will strengthen the round lines of the face and match the pointed chin better. After knowing the above principle, follow this direction to try to find the second step that suits you more easily. You need to know the purpose of choosing this pair of sunglasses. 1. Small face: the distinctive feature of cat-eye sunglasses is that the upper frame door line is raised. The upper half of the face is visually highlighted, and naturally, the lower half of the face is smaller. The opposite of the line is the aviator sunglasses, and the opposite is the aviator glasses. The lens is a drooping shape, so the lower face is visually filled, short face Try to avoid it. 2. Color display style If you want a different style, colored lenses usually appear more dynamic and eye-catching. Although black or brown is slightly conservative, it is versatile and suitable for more scenes. 3. The nose appears to be more three-dimensional. The nose is too big. Choose a larger frame, especially the frame on the bridge of the nose. If it is too narrow, the nose will be uncomfortable and the nose will appear bigger. If the nose is too long, you must choose sunglasses with wide sides to distract the visual effect. You can also choose sunglasses with a double-layer design frame on the nose bridge. It can also make the nose look shorter. If the nose is too small, you can choose sunglasses with light lenses and high nose pads. The nose will appear slender in visual effects. 4. Face modification. Because Asian faces are relatively flat, try to choose those with nose pads. For example, pilot sunglasses with independent nose pads are generally available, and the nose pads can better fit the bridge of the nose to better avoid the pressure of sunglasses on the face . ??
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