How to distinguish between good and bad umbrella sunglasses

u003cbru003eFlower Umbrella Sunglasses is a brand in the United States. Its logo is a colorful umbrella. Just like this logo, its sunglasses products are also novel in design and different colors. Nowadays, the flower umbrella sunglasses are also very famous in the world, so how do we distinguish it? The flower umbrella lens can effectively filter out the messy reflected light, improve the clarity and comfort of the field of view, and the lens has rich colors and bright colors. , To meet women's fashion needs. Hua Umbrella sunglasses have core technology 1. Rich color levels The lenses are rich in color levels and bright colors, which can meet the fashion needs of women. 2. Multi-layer anti-reflective film layer The concave surface of the lens is coated with a reduced-reflective film layer, which can effectively avoid the interference of some reflected light generated by the concave surface of the lens to the line of sight, and make the field of vision clearer. 3. The nano anti-oil film makes the lens surface smoother, more resistant to scratches, not easy to be stained with dust and fingerprints, and keeps the lens clear for a long time. YC9702 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Lens Colorful Blue How to distinguish the quality of sunglasses First of all, when buying sunglasses, first check the quality of the lenses, whether the surface of the lenses is lubricated, whether there are warping, abrasion marks, and air bubbles. Violation, unevenness or traces, bubbles, will cause dizziness and other discomfort. At the same time, the lens should not be too thin, otherwise the same high temperature deformation will cause dizziness. Secondly, when choosing sunglasses, you can take the sunglasses 45 cm away from the eyes, and investigate the vertical and horizontal lines around the glasses through the glasses, such as window frames or door frames, etc., and then move the glasses up and down, such as linear distortion or swing, indicating that the lens is deformed , Not suitable for purchase. Finally, pay attention to the color of the lens. There should be enough depth, dark gray is better, dark brown and black are the next, blue and purple are inferior, these two kinds of lenses will transmit more ultraviolet rays, and yellow, orange and light red are not used as much as possible. Related Reading: Sunglasses Face Sunglasses
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