How to distinguish polarized sunglasses

u003cbru003eAs people's understanding of sunglasses is getting deeper and deeper, people who drive, outdoor travel, sports and leisure will choose polarized sunglasses as their travel must-haves, because polarized sunglasses can filter glare and better prevent it Ultraviolet rays make the vision clearer. But there are so many different kinds of sunglasses on the market. How should we distinguish polarized sunglasses?  1. Polarized light test card    polarizer will be equipped with a polarized light test card, through the polarizer, you can see the image that is invisible under normal light. The clearer the image outline, the better the quality of the polarizer.  2. Polarized sunglasses overlap    If two polarized lenses are stacked vertically, the lenses will appear opaque. Because the special design of the polarizer lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens, most of the light is blocked when the two lenses are stacked vertically. When you buy, you can immediately know the authenticity and quality of the product with such a simple operation. 3. LCD screen An LCD screen, the glasses are horizontally facing the screen, the lens does not change at this time, and then when the glasses are turned clockwise to a 45° angle, the color of the lens becomes darker, and then it returns to normal again. This is a polarized lens. If there is no change no matter how it rotates, it is not a polarized lens. (Note that it must be a liquid crystal display) YC9703 Ladies Sunglasses C2 Red Frame Gray Legs/Gold 4. Ultraviolet Detector Lamp Polarized Sunglasses can completely block ultraviolet rays. If you want to know if your sunglasses are polarized lenses, you can also test the lens performance Whether to isolate ultraviolet rays: Find an ultraviolet currency detector lamp, one hundred yuan. Directly illuminate the renminbi and you can see 100 yuan renminbi UV anti-counterfeiting. If there is a lens with UV400 function across it, no anti-counterfeiting can be seen.   The above is the way to distinguish polarized sunglasses. In addition, the price of polarized sunglasses is slightly more expensive than ordinary sunglasses. I suggest buying them at a regular optical shop. If you want to know more about polarized sunglasses, you can check it out. Related Reading: Polarized Sunglasses Polarized Lenses
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