How to get along with the mask in harmony with glasses

u003cbru003eWe often see celebrities wearing glasses and masks at the airport solemnly, but people who have dressed up like this must know that whether it is frame glasses or sunglasses, after wearing a mask, the heat you exhale will cover the glasses. A layer of water mist severely obstructed sight. So how do we make glasses and masks live in harmony? Recommended reading: Don’t you know who you are if you wear a mask and sunglasses? Can you guess how many celebrities are right? The editor summed up the following coups: 'Apply soapy waterPress the glasses against the upper edge of the mask. In order to find the best way, I verified these tips one by one.  Experiment 1: Wipe glasses with wet soap. The mist dissipated 2 seconds in advance.   Experiment process: The indoor temperature was measured at 18 degrees Celsius in the morning. The editor applied wet soap on one of the glasses and wiped the lens clean with a glasses cloth; the other lens was not coated with anything. Then breathe into the two lenses, so that the surfaces of the two lenses are covered with mist.   It can be seen that the mist on the lenses coated with wet soap completely dissipated in about 8 seconds; while the mist on the lenses without any coating disappeared completely in about 10 seconds. Afterwards, the reporter wore glasses and masks to conduct experiments outdoors. The lenses with wet soap dissipated faster than the lenses without anything.  Experimental conclusion: Applying wet soap to the spectacle lenses can not prevent the fog from hanging on the spectacles, but it can accelerate the speed of the fog to disperse.  Experiment 2: Wiping the glasses with detergent, and forming water droplets that affect the line of sight.   Experimental process: Then, the editor applied detergent on the lenses that were not coated with wet soap, and wiped the lenses clean with glasses cloth. The editor breathed into the lens, no fog appeared on the lens, but a layer of water droplets.   And when the editor put on glasses and a mask to conduct an experiment outdoors, although the lenses coated with detergent did not appear foggy, when too much water droplets adhere to the surface of the glasses, it is easy to cause blurred vision. Experimental conclusion: Applying detergent to spectacle lenses can prevent the fog from hanging on the spectacles, but if the fog is too much, too many water droplets will adhere to the surface of the spectacles, resulting in blurred vision, which is not as good as anti-fog and not enough. The effect of affecting the line of sight.  Experiment 3: Glasses are pressed on the mask to dispel the fog best.     Experimental process: Many people who wear glasses also choose to press the glasses on the mask to prevent the fog from dispersing into the lens. So is this approach feasible? The editor puts on unpainted glasses, presses the glasses against the upper edge of the mask he is wearing, and conducts experiments outdoors. Through this method, there is indeed no fog on the glasses, but after walking a certain distance, the editor found that because the glasses are far from the eyes, they are uncomfortable to wear. Recommended reading: Hat + glasses retro temperament to create a special type of man    Experimental conclusion: Press the glasses on the upper edge of the mask, the anti-fog effect is better, but wearing glasses for a long time may easily cause eye discomfort.   To sum up the above: Experiment 3 has the best effect, but the glasses are far away from the glasses and it is uncomfortable to wear. We can put on the mask as much as possible to shorten the distance between the glasses and the mask. In order to prevent the glasses from falling off, we can add a hat. Use the friction between the glasses and the hat to prevent the glasses from slipping. The above are several ways to get along with the glasses and the hat. If the above methods have not solved everyone's troubles, you can choose a pair of contact lenses to try on, or choose a pair of protection Fog lenses, so that the exhaled heat will not cause the glasses to be covered with a layer of mist and obstruct the vision. Related reading: brand glasses styles
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