How to get rid of the image of a nerd with glasses

u003cbru003eMany short-sighted girls see that celebrities wear frame glasses are so fashionable, but they always feel like a 'student girl' when they wear them. Why is this? How should we use glasses Get rid of the nerd image? Let’s take a look at the beauties with frame glasses first! Lin Yoona wears glasses and gives people a quiet feeling, but the beautiful facial contour is also eye-catching! Shu Qi has a square face, but it is also a big beauty with fashionable glasses frames. ! Yang Mi is also very beautiful with metal glasses. Her thick and straight eyebrows and delicate eye makeup make her look very intellectual. It is rare to see Angelababy wearing glasses, but her small pointed face with big oval frame is quite delicate! Sun Li's big red lips and round frame are very retro and have a playful beauty! I wonder if you have found these stars What they have in common:; Different face shapes choose different frames, different matching frames choose different frames, and the important point is that the makeup is very decent! Although wearing glasses can cover half of the face, it still needs to be properly transformed. Makeup makes your complexion and spirit different. As for the matching of face shape and glasses, the editor believes that it must not be ignored. The following editor briefly sorts out the matching principles. For specific matching skills, see 'How to Match Frame Glasses with Face Shape, Skin Color, and Occasion'. Different face types are suitable for different glasses frames: 1 diamond-shaped face or inverted triangle face is suitable for toad lenses; 2 long-shaped face is suitable for slightly square lenses; 3 oval face is suitable for any lens, especially suitable for the top lens; 4 is suitable for round face Rhombus square lens; 5 square face is suitable for toad lens or inverted trapezoid lens. If you want to make your face look smaller, you can learn from Shu Qi and choose a wide frame to make your face softer and smaller~ Have you learned the above techniques? Hurry up and choose a pair of glasses to try! Related reading: glasses frame glasses frame
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