How to identify the authenticity of Pasha sunglasses?

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-06-04
u003cbru003ePasha sunglasses not only have a mature and sexy artistic style, but also have the simple, subtle and classic charm advocated by the Orientals, so they are widely loved by consumers. However, the spectacles on the market are mixed, and some non-professionals will pretend to be shoddy and sell fake and inferior glasses. The editor will teach you to distinguish the true from the fake from the following aspects. Fan Bingbing endorses the Passa glasses First, the comfort of the glasses The design of the Passa glasses is more ergonomic, can evenly distribute the pressure, especially in line with the Asian face structure, even if worn for a long time will not feel tired. And those counterfeit products, although they are imitated from the genuine ones, are quite different in terms of fineness. When wearing them, there will be a feeling of being oppressed. After a long time, they will want to take them off, and the nose will often be pressed out. Traces, it can be seen that the imitation technology is simply not enough. 2. The internal details are on the inner side of the temples of genuine sunglasses. We can clearly see a line of text, and there is a seemingly strong three-dimensional decoration below the text. The text feels bumpy to the touch, and it is not easy to fall off. . The text inside the imitation temples can easily fall off when rubbed, and the background looks the same as the plane, and there is almost no three-dimensional effect. 3. The design of the frame The quality of the product can be seen in the design of the frame. The details of the genuine frames are relatively finely crafted. Generally, the perfect link of the metal double buckle is adopted, so that it is not easy to loosen and enhances the safety of wearing. And closing and opening are relatively easy. Many fake Pasha sunglasses are plated with non-ferrous metal on the outside of the frame. In fact, the material inside is not guaranteed at all, and the color will fade and the frame will fall off if worn for a long time. Fourth, the packaging difference The genuine Pasha sunglasses are also relatively complete in terms of packaging. Generally include original glasses case, car glasses holder, original lens cloth bag, glasses cloth and mini screwdriver. Both the glasses cloth and the mirror cloth bag have Pasha's logo, which seems to be of better quality. However, the packaging of many imitations is not very comprehensive, generally there is no screwdriver, and the quality of the fabric is relatively rough, and there are thread ends in the details of the mirror box. If we encounter such packaging, we still have to consider whether to buy it again. V. Anti-counterfeiting query On the glasses, we will see a product tag with a picture of the spokesperson and some information on the front. On the back is an anti-counterfeiting tag, on which there are enquiry telephone numbers, anti-counterfeiting coatings, product QR codes, barcodes and official website information. The picture comes from the Internet, if you need to delete it, please contact Related reading: Sunglasses Brand
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