How to maintain Baosheng sunglasses?

u003cbru003eBaosheng' target='_blank'>sunglasses are made of high-quality materials for both the frame and the lens. Therefore, in order to make the life of the sunglasses longer, we need more maintenance. The maintenance method of Baosheng sunglasses is the same as ordinary sunglasses. Next, the editor will introduce Baosheng sunglasses and its maintenance methods. PROSUN polarized lens has a special polarization effect, which can reduce direct, refracted or reflected light, and can resist super ultraviolet rays. It feels obvious, clear and soft for the front scene and the ground ups and downs, and has a visual resolution. Significantly improved. It is specially designed for the face of Chinese people, which is ergonomic, comfortable to wear, and more beautiful in appearance. The surface of the lens is specially treated, so it is not easy to scratch, it is not easy to generate static electricity when wiped, it is oil-proof, and it is not easy to stick to dust. The frame of Baosheng sunglasses is on the metal frame. PROSUN adopts nickel-free plating technology, using precious metal palladium, which is platinum, as the bottom layer of electroplating. After the metal is electroplated without nickel, a transparent film is electroplated on the surface. It will never cause allergies or harm to the human body, and is not easy to fade, and the brightness will last forever. In the process design of the temples, Baosheng is also unique. For some products of the dynamic series and children's mirror series, the secondary injection technology is adopted. This technology refers to the combination of two materials on the same temples. Second injection of plastic. Presenting two textures at the same time can also increase product functionality and added value. YC9712 Men’s Sunglasses C1 Gun/Green Sunglasses Maintenance Tips are released. When picking and wearing, use both hands to hold the glasses legs and go parallel to the sides of the cheeks to pick up. Use both hands when wearing it to avoid long-term unilateral force from deforming the frame. The frames of mainstream manufacturers are designed to fold from the left leg. Please keep the mirror face up when placing it, away from high temperature environment. Please use a special lens cleaning cloth to clean the lens. Pay attention to pinch the bridge of the nose, the movement should not be too large, so as not to damage the frame. When the lens is stained with dust or other impurities, please rinse it with running water before wiping it. Dry rubbing can easily scratch the lens. If cosmetics or other stains containing chemical solvents adhere to the lens, please clean it with water as soon as possible to avoid corrosion of the lens and coating. Related reading: Sunglasses
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