How to make makeup with rimless glasses

u003cbru003eMany people who love beauty do not want to wear glasses, because they always feel that it will affect their image. In fact, it is not the case. Wearing suitable glasses and matching makeup will definitely make you dazzling. Today I will talk to you about how to make makeup with rimless glasses. FB6018C6 purple pure titanium women's rimless glasses because the rimless glasses themselves reveal an elegant feeling, as long as they are properly matched, no matter the color of makeup and clothing, or the style, they can be coordinated and integrated! From the eyebrow color point of view, Choose as close as possible to the color of the frame to have a sense of coordination! From the perspective of eyebrow shape, it needs to match the upper edge of the frame to show a slightly parallel feeling! Don't make the dark eyeshadow that shrink the eyes too wide. If it is too large, it is better to use a simple light-colored eyeshadow to accentuate the brightness of the eyes. Rimless glasses with blue and green eyeshadow are a good choice, which can accentuate the gentle and fresh style. Lipstick should be lightly modified with a fresh pink matte lipstick. At the same time, people with a Chinese character-shaped, moon-shaped, protruding chin, and a high bridge of the nose may have darker lips; those with melon seeds, thin, elongated, and narrow upper and lower lips should have a lighter lip color. Related reading: glasses style rimless glasses
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