How to protect eyes from UV rays in spring

u003cbru003eIn April, although the body temperature will be colder sooner or later, the ultraviolet rays are already approaching summer. Due to the temperature, most of my friends are not aware of the dangers of ultraviolet rays, because people rarely apply sunscreen during outdoor activities in this season, use sun umbrellas, let alone use a good pair of lenses to block ultraviolet rays. Damage to glasses. Ray-Ban RB8056 Men's Sunglasses 175/6Q Tortoiseshell Spring How to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays? A small amount of ultraviolet rays are good for the human body and can produce vitamin D needed by the human body, but excessive ultraviolet radiation can inhibit the human body’s immune system and cause skin cancer And eye diseases, especially cataracts. From the perspective of UV protection performance, the color changing lens has the ability to block 100% of UV A and UV B; from the convenience of use, it has an incomparable advantage to sunglasses, that is, a pair of full-sight color changing glasses is enough to deal with Eye protection requirements for indoor and outdoor. The difference between S9103 sunglasses C01 frame black/glass gradient gray and polarized lenses is that the color-changing lens can automatically adjust the depth of the lens color according to the change of light. The lens can quickly change from indoor transparency to suitable outdoor depth, effectively reducing Discomfort caused by glare and increase contrast sensitivity. With A/R coating, it can also reduce and disperse glare, so it is very suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. The editor reminds everyone that if you choose to wear sunglasses to block ultraviolet rays, you must choose regular products. Inferior sunglasses can not only block UV rays A and B 100%. On the contrary, it will make the eyes absorb more ultraviolet rays. Related reading: trendy sunglasses sunglasses
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