How to solve the problems facing the sunglasses market

u003cbru003eWe may also notice some problems when buying sunglasses. For example, there are many low-quality sunglasses on the market. Although the price is low, they are harmful to the eyes. In addition, the phenomenon of counterfeiting sunglasses is also very serious, many fake and inferior sunglasses. Products emerge endlessly. So how do we solve these problems?    Ray-Ban RB8056 Men's Sunglasses 175/6Q Tortoiseshell 1. Extensive publicity and education, and advocate rational consumption. Combining the favorable opportunities of various large-scale publicity activities, extensively publicize the relevant laws and regulations applicable to eyewear consumption through the distribution of publicity materials, production of special exhibition boards, and typical case analysis, and guide consumers to establish a rational consumption concept and not blindly pursue famous brands and fashion. If you want to be cheap, you must go to a regular optical shop or store to buy sunglasses. 2. Intensify random inspections and create a safe environment. It is necessary to strengthen close contact with the quality supervision department, jointly conduct regular or irregular sampling inspections on the quality of glasses, and disclose the list of manufacturers with better product quality through the Internet, newspapers, television and other media to guide consumers to consume correctly; order them according to law Production enterprises that fail in product quality will stop production, and take off the shelves for failing products to create a comfortable and satisfying consumer environment for consumers. 3. Strictly investigate illegal activities and maintain business order. Relying on the economic account and the accurate point-based supervision model, the merchants operating sunglasses are checked one by one, focusing on verifying the sunglasses trademark logo, manufacturer, qualification certificate and other information, and severely cracking down on counterfeiting well-known (famous) trademarks and counterfeiting unique products. Names, packaging, decoration, and counterfeiting of well-known company names, such as 'famous brand' and illegal acts of selling 'three noes' goods.  Ray-Ban RB3025 Unisex Sunglasses 003/32 Fourth, pay attention to consumer rights and safeguard legitimate rights and interests. By issuing publicity materials and issuing consumer warnings, consumers are guided to pay attention to obtaining shopping invoices and retain shopping vouchers, and to encourage them to encounter consumer disputes. They should promptly complain to the industry and commerce department through channels such as the 12315 complaint platform and the Red Shield service rights protection contact station, and actively pick up Legal weapons effectively safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests. Related reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Brand
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