How to use glasses to shape your temperament, celebrities will demonstrate

u003cbru003eThe so-called 'people rely on clothing' does not have to be nearsighted to wear glasses. It is estimated that everyone understands this truth. But what to wear, how to wear, this is very particular. How to build temperament with a pair of glasses, let's take a look at the demonstration of the stars. There are many celebrities who wear glasses in order to shape or change their temperament or image. Just look at those celebrities who often appear at fashion parties or magazine covers. So the question is, what kind of different temperament can different frames give us? How do we choose the right frame? Fan Bingbing VS round frame Fan Bingbing's face is standard, and the skin is white. Wearing a round frame will make her It looks round and lovely, petite and exquisite. This kind of big round glasses is not suitable for people with short (or fat) faces. Charlene Choi VS Charlene Choi rarely wears glasses. With her traditional face and the cute image of her neighbor, it is perfect to match with a square round frame with narrow sides, which makes people look kind and cute, fresh and unique. Wu Xiubo VS square-frame glasses suit, neat and clean hairstyle, plus a pair of square-frame black glasses, suitable for fashionable business people to wear on various occasions. The atmosphere is stable, while revealing the charm of mature men's fashion. When wearing it, the dress should be more formal to have the overall effect, but remember to wear a black suit with a white shirt. Johnny Depp VS Retro Gel Frame Under Depp’s slightly depressed eyes, the classic retro gel frame on the bridge of the nose and small round window glasses can soften the rigidity of the face. The lines highlight his elegant retro temperament. Related reading: Frame glasses glasses frame styles
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